Graduating Senior Anger

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Any other graduating seniorsup  in here? Anyone else feel like a good chunk of their college career was ripped off? Not that AA wasn't great, I'm gonna miss it all, but I just wish we had been well....US at sports (at least one) while I was here.

Freshman year, first game: the horror

Senior year, last game: OT loss for the NC

Anyone else pissed as I am? I always found it hilarious to listen to some of the older people bitch on this board about the current sports situation (mostly football) when they had some of the best years of Michigan sports.  My siblings went here from 96-00.  I fucking hate them because they couldn't give two shits about sports.  Charles Woodson,  football NC, and hockey NC?  Ughhh I just wanted one sports moment to hang my hat on in 4 years.  All those thousands and that huge endownment and we couldn't afford Cam Newton??? C'mon man.  Most of this is probably uncalled for but I'm seriously just frustanglingly pissed off right. I know I have individual moments to cherish (Wisconsin sophomore year, sending Lloyd off against FL, first half last two years but goddamn...


GO BLUE till the end but still real pissed right now. 



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Is this really a diary-worthy entry?

And hey, at least you were there when they won the Capital One Bowl.  I came in during 08 and have had nothing but pain sports-wise since.  If 2011-2012 turns out to be a major disappointment, the 08-12 class might have endured the worst M sporting drought of all time.

Great.  Now I made myself sad.

EDIT:  I should make note that Michigan Ice Hockey lost in OVERTIME in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.  The fact that they even made it there is quite the achievement.  The sporting drought was more football-oriented.


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I came in '05.  Luckily I had the 11-1 season, #1 vs #2 UM-OSU, Capital One bowl.  But no National Championships.  I'm still working out here, hoping for one before I leave, but it looks less and less likely every day.


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I am sick and tired of the board nazi's on mgoblog judging your fandom. Just becuase I went to a different undergrad and only attended Michigan for graduate school doesn't make one ounce less of a michigan fan than the rest of you. I have been going to Michigan football and hockey games since I was three. There are pictures of me as an infant in michigan clothes. I sat through the entire 30 degree pouring rain/sleet/snow of the Northwestern game, to rose bowl game where USC didn't throw ball once during the second half, to the gator bowl. I can count on one hand the games I missed the past five seasons, both hockey and football. I love this university. There is not a team I am more proud of than this season's hockey team. I am proud to be a graduate of this university in about 2 weeks. Yet, I get my fandom question because I attended Purdue for my undergrad. I wore Michigan jerseys in the Purdue student section and got heckled every fricken game. Yet my fandom is questioned. Screw you guys who question my loyalty. 

We should be loyal to each other as Michigan alumni.


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Maybe we wouldn't be like the rcmb if you wouldn't challenge people to come to your apartment to fight and whine like a little girl after we lose the hockey NC game. We get love your purdue degree and your fandom to Michigan. Get the fuck over it and the loss to UMD and post like an adult. Or don't, keep complaining about everyone, keep whipping out your e-peen and be childish.


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You realize you have done nothing but bitch about having to justify your Michigan fandom....on the same thread where your first post was basically shitting on the only sports team that has brought a national championship to Michigan while you were there. The irony is quite funny. If by mob mentality you mean actual Michgan fans don't like when you proclaim that no one cares about a Michigan sports team, then yes, I agree. GTFO.


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Starts tattooing your point total on your arm and marches you to the gas chamber, you might want to lay off on all the Nazi accusations. You aren't being oppressed, and you sure as hell are a victim the equivalent of genocide. If the board really had that kind of power over you, you wouldn't be posting, you'd have been France'd.
<br>My post wasn't asking how much of a Michigan fan you are. It was to your statement that we could rag on Purdue all we want, because you don't care, which was a 180 from when you said "why can't I like and defend both my schools" to the point where part of the thread had to be deleted (complete with "Boiler Up" on a day we lost to Purdue).
<br>You can be a fan of both your insitutions of choice. It's possible, and I really don't care. I just wanted to be sure the new status quo includes open game on Purdue without risking your wrath.
<br>I'm not really sure many have even said you aren't really a Michigan fan. A few might have said they're embarrassed you are, but that's kinda what you get when you threaten one of the most calm and respected posters to a fist fight on the Internet. (Don)
<br>Yes, all Michigan people should stick together. Which, if you had felt the same way about your fellow gymnasts going to our University, would have avoided your "persecution".


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There is a large difference between what the Yankees do and what the Wings do in free agency. It is called a salary cup and luxury tax. Not every organization in the MLB can afford to go over and just pay the luxury tax. Secondly, in the NHL you must forfit every game in which your oganization is over the cap. Hence, why the blackhawks had a Marlins style fire sale in the offseason. 

whatever I am just butt hurt over last night. It will take me a good week to get over last nights game. 


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I never said I was going to post the address. If the guy who replied to me wanted to duke it, I would post a gmail address where he can email me and I will reply with my address. WTF is with the reading comprehension on this site.