GR III projected at #11 in NBA draft

Submitted by Cold War on January 28th, 2013 at 2:39 PM

Three Michigan players are now projected to go in the first round of the NBA draft. As a group, they seem to be trending up.

GR III #11 to Phoenix

Burke #18 to Milwaukee

Hardaway #25 to New York


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Being projected to go to Phoenix is probably bad for him. That franchise is going nowhere fast. Front office doesn't have a clue, the owner is notoriously cheap, their head coach basically just resigned, and they promoted Lindsey Hunter (yes that Lindsey Hunter) who has no coaching experience. This in turn pissed off two of their longtime assistant coaches enough to quit, one of who was Dan Majerle, who is probably the closest thing that Phoenix has to a sports legend. Oh and they basically have no young talent except maybe Dragic. Phoenix is one of the worst-positioned franchises in the league for the future.




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I follow very little NBA (mostly because it seems geared toward small children and grown men who wear XXXL jerseys), but IIRC they are getting the Lakers pick if it's a lottery pick.  The memory is foggy, but I think that's what I read in the local paper while in PHX on a visit a couple months back.  So, two lottery picks wouldn't be so bad.

What would be bad is losing 3 essential starters.  Stick around a bit fellas; A2 is fantastic.

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I know I'll get pos'd for this but I don't think that GR3 should go pro yet. The way players develop under Beilein and the other coaches is amazing and he still has a lot of developing to do. Stay another year, bang more co-eds, and be THE man on the team. 


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Here's to hoping the GRII made good investments and saved money well.

In all honesty though, that could be the difference.  A lot of underclassmen leave early for the NBA because of the promise of a big NBA paycheck.  However, if Glenn Robinson was smart with his money, then it shouldn't be nearly as big of an issue for GRIII, and hopefully he can afford to take another year in college and improve his game and his draft stock.

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The Robinson family lived in my wife's childhood neighborhood when the Big Dog played for Milwaukee. As far as she remembers, they were a normal traditional family. By all accounts they still are. I think Hardaway's father being at every game is probably the exception rather than the rule.


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Crazy to me that they have Milwaukee taking Burke, since they already have Brandon Jennings. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest NBA fan, but I was under the impression that they were happy with him, he's almost a 20 PPG player, and gives them solid minutes


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GRIII is enjoying college and his dad invested his NBA earnings wisely enough that money isn't as big of an issue as it might otherwise be.

Edit:  See similar response above.

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Just because their website is called does not make them experts on the draft. Their projections have been horrible over the years and will change significantly as more real publications put their projections out.

Is GRIII a threat to leave? Yes. Is he a lottery pick? Highly doubtful.

Mr. Yost

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You're both right and wrong.

Their mocks are horrible...and the fact that people have to start a thread every week when they update the mock is even worse.

However, he very well could be a lottery pick. NBA drafts on potential. Guys at UNC get drafted in the top 10 and don't even start. McAdoo would've been a lottery pick last year and he did nothing at UNC last year and was clearly under-developed...he still is.

It's all about potential. There's no reason Jared Sullinger should've fallen to the Celtics but Meyers Leonard was a lottery pick. We saw them, both in the B1G, Sullinger was far and away the better player.

Robinson has the highest ceiling of any player on our team. Burke has almost surprisingly gotten as good during his sophomore year as he did during his freshman year. He's a lock to go in round 1. THJ, what you see now is pretty much what you'll get in the league - and that's not a knock. IMO he may have the longest career of anyone (although I think all 3 will last quite some time).

I think the financial deal is the reason Robinson stays, he just doesn't need the money and he can stay one more year just to enjoy college. The NBA is a job, no one will know that better than GRIII...I think he'll want to play another year with McGary and his boys before leaving.

2013: Burke/Hardaway Jr.
2014: Robinson III
2015: McGary
2016: Stauskas

I think LeVert's got a shot to join Stauskas in 2016, both likely in the 2nd round because they'll be seniors and once again, NBA loves potential. Also, don't forget about the new guys coming in, they could easily be on this list.

Cali Wolverine

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He is a great player and will be a monster next year, plus leader of team if Burke and TH leave. Either way good for to what he has done on the floor this year. Kid is talented.

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This pretty much summarizes how I feel as well. First, I trust the media who actually have connections with NBA scouts (ESPN's Chad Ford and the like). Second, I can appreciate a site like Draft Express which at least justifies their rankings by breaking down the players' game. seems like some guy's lame attempt to capitalize on a domain name. Their content is nonexistent.


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Not all those players are going to enter the draft.  He is projecting each of those 42 to go in the 1st round whichever year it is they go, but not all will declare for the draft.  He's done this for years and likely has a good idea that somewhere near 30 of those 42 will declare, give or take a few.


January 28th, 2013 at 3:19 PM ^ was started by a fan who got a great URL. It is incredible how many people follow their lead. The original poster obviously does not know of that site's extremely rocky past with credibility (saying Drummond was going to be the first pick at this time last year, comparing Gerald Green to Tracy McGrady because their faces looked alike, etc.)

Chad Ford is no peach, either. His Darko articles from 2003 are among the most embarrassing thing in any sports journalist's archives. Draft Express is run by a former scout and is by far the most professional. Only one I look at.

GRIII simply does not look like a one-and-done player (two-and-done certainly appears possible). When has a 6'6" player who plays like he does ever made an impact in the NBA? He needs to score off the dribble, which I'm sure he can, there are just so many options on this team that he will have to wait a year to develop that part of his game.


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The fact that he's this good/productive as basically the fifth scoring option on the floor (probably gets less drawn up specifically for him than Burke/THJ/Stauskas and whatever big man is on the floor) is kind of ridiculous.


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...played only two years at Purdue.  He sat out his freshman year due to eligibility/Prop 48 issues, played the next two and was then the first player chosen.

Hopefully, GRIII will follow the Tim Hardaway Jr. route and perfect his craft for another year.  He could stand to put on a bit more weight, work on strength and possibly grow a bit more.