Gopher student section very audible "F*ck Bo Ryan" chant, most despised?

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I was watching Wisc gag away their game last night wondering how in the hell this same team shot so well against us while going something like 11 minutes without a FG in the second half when I heard a very audible "F*ck Bo Ryan" chant coming from the what I assume was the student section in The Barn. Admittedly, it is kind of catchy, easy to dance to and was pretty clearly heard so I assume there were many, many people participating. 

This got me to thinking. It takes a special kind of coach to get the opposing fans worked up enough for a large scale eff-you chant. I can't imagine Beilein getting the same treatment or Matta or basically the rest of the B1G coaches (maybe Izzo, not sure), but Ryan obviously got the Gopher fans going, is not popular on this board and was ranked most hated bball coach in an informal poll of some fans for other B1G teams.

Would you put Ryan as most hated bball coach? Who ranks right behind him? 



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factors considered include team playing style, sideline antics, recruiting tactics, general douchebaggery (weighed heaviest)

1 bo ryan

2 tom crean

3 tom izzo

4 fran mccafrey

5 thad matta

6 jon groce

7 matt painter

8 tubby

9 tim miles

10 penn st coach


12 carmody

EDIT: posted near exact same time as above poster and our rankings are pretty close to same.

Mr. Yost

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Bo Ryan and Brett Bielima were a match made in hell.

With that said. Tom Izzo is probably the most hated, but part of that is because he wins. Bo Ryan would be hated more if he didn't win with a bunch of farm kids.

All in all, I don't mind either of them compared to their football counterparts. Dantonio is a douche and Bielima, my god that guy was an ass. Pelini is right there with them.

As for Ohio. I hate them, but I respect Matta and Meyer. Matta is underrated as a coach and gets shit cause of his reactions (which are funny)...but I know him a little bit and he's a good guy. I don't really think any of his players have been untolerable either. Sullinger, Thomas, Craft, Oden, Conley...they all were/are fine by me. I hate them, but if they went to Michigan...I'd love them. Guys like Will Gholston I'd want no part of at Michigan. As for Meyer, I hate him more than Matta...but I respect the guy cause he wins. Period. He's just really good at what he does...I just wish he did it in the NFL or something.

Last thought...I honestly think MICHIGAN has two of the more "unhated" or respected head coaches in college athletics. I'd actually say we're #1 in the country. Ohio fans hate Hoke cause he says Ohio...but really I don't think they hate him as a person. They just call him overweight. No one hates Beilein, no one. He's like Greg Mattison, the cool, but wise grandfather that everyone loves.


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and he could not have been nicer or more engaging in a situation that was of no benefit to him.  Just seemed like a naturally decent fellow, but who knows. 

I can say I certainly hate watching his teams play basketball.

Set phasers to "cool story brah"


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If you're asking coaches, they'd probably say Matta is the most despised (and/or crooked).  As a fan, I don't really care about Bo Ryan or his terrible brand of basketball.  I cannot stand Tom Izzo.  Yes, he's won a lot of games, but he's the epitome of a bitch.  Even after they beat us senseless this week, he was complaining about Michigan during the Fab 5 era and that we hurt his recruiting by our violations.

What he failed to think about is that his career exists because Michigan hired Brian Ellerbe and neglected the program post-Fab 5 (thus removing his main recruiting competition).  He also failed to note that Ed Martin also sent him players.  Worst of all, it was over 20 years ago and he just won by a million.  So, yes, fuck Tom Izzo, his rainbow and his pot of gold.


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Bo Ryan is far and away my least favorite Big Ten coach, he always has been since he was brought to Madison.  I consider him the Dantonio of basketball: a miserable, unhappy old man with no friends, and anger issues so bad that he's one blow up away from a major heart attack (I don't mean that as a joke, I'm seriously concerned about the guys' health).   Basically, he's a person that's hard to like even if he's coaching your team.

However, coach K is my least favorite overall.  I hate Duke, and I hate coach K and his raven black helmet hair.  What the hell is up with your hair Mike, it ain't natural looking!


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He is an absolute douche and a shitty person.  I'm a student a Georgetown and his antics on the sidelines are insufferable.  I've never seen a coach walk to halfcourt, get T'd up, then bitch about it like a 5 year old.  Plus, my friend writes for the Georgetown Men's Basketball Team, and he shared a story about Buzz.  Apparently, he has a weird love-hate dichotomy with Dana O'Neil, so at the post-game press conference, he winked at her and said something like, "What's up sweetheart?"  She just kind of stared back at him in awe.  When his interview was finally over, she curtly got up and said, "What a dick, I mean he's the worst kind of person." Long story short, Marquette somehow is really good at producing hated coaches.


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Crean is Number One with a bullet.  OSU has seen more of his douchey antics over the past few years, but I'm sure Michigan will be on the end of them soon.  The wife-hugging?  The bowing to the student section?  All of the "look at me" antics?  The handshake blow-bys when he loses?  Ugh...and the man goes tanning!

His Dudeness

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How does a guy like Calipari not get named? He has basically ruined college basketball. He has cheated literally everywhere he has been and has left a wake of NCAA violations for schools to deal with. I hate him far more than I hate Bo Ryan. Bo Ryan is just an asshole. Cal is a cheating, pretentious attention whore.


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Groce really bothers me. Being energetic is one thing but his flailing and stomping are over the top "look at me" attention getters.

I totally forgot about Tubby Smith until now. He seems totally harmless and doesn't look to get too upset most of the time.


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Northwestern student section chanting: "Hoosier daddy" when Indiana was in town. Apparently a IU player knocked up his girlfriend. Bobby Knight was pissed(!!) and finger-in-the-face lectured the NW coach after the final buzzer.