Goodbye: Pharaoh Brown???

Submitted by psychomatt on November 20th, 2011 at 9:24 PM

Rumor on 247Sports that UM and PB have parted ways due to his planned OV to Oregon. Anyone have anything solid on this? Ace?

Edit: Everyone, let's not jump all over this HS kid for possibly wanting to visit Oregon. First, we do not have all the facts. Second, it might just be that Hoke has told him we now consider him uncommitted, but are willing to keep the door slightly open just in case he later decides he wants to be a Wolverine and we still have room closer to NSD.

[ED:BISB - I concur with the edit. No "we don't want us no fake Wolverine" comments, please]



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My friend that's an insider on Scout just told me this as well. The coaches apparently don't consider him a recruit anymore after his visit to Oregon.


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Actually, UM will be extremely thin at TE in 2012: Brandon Moore (Sr.) and Rico Miller (So.) are the only two currently on the roster and it is debatable whether Miller even qualifies as a TE as he is still only about 230 lbs.

Devin Funchess is definitely going to play TE in college but the growing consensus seems to be that A.J. Williams is a better OT prospect than TE. UM probably needs to sign two TE's in the 2012 class and right now they 1 full-fleged TE if Brown is indeed no longer part of the picture.


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On Rivals message boards, it's being reported that the staff and Brown have parted ways. Tim apparently confirmed it and said it was because the staff was very unhappy that Brown took the visit to Oregon in such a secretive way.


I didn't say anything earlier because it was on the paid boards, but now it's already out there.


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... hopefully we continue recruiting him.  Also, I hope this means the staff feels good about a) our existing recruits at those positions and b) our chances with the handful that are still on the table for us.


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Mr. Yost

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It was pretty well documented that Brown was told he could play TE at Michigan and he was a Michigan TE commit with AJ Williams being an OT commit.

There was also a rumor that Tommy Schutt was going to fill Brown's spot on the DLine.

So I'm not sure how this affects Thompson, IMO, the coaches cooled off on him (as did the recruiting sites)...I'm not sure Thompson will get a call. However, maybe someone like Taylor McNamara? Hoke and the staff have been on him, he's a San Diego kid.


November 21st, 2011 at 7:44 AM ^

I've got no problem with him wanting to take other visits. If he wants to check out his options that's fine as long as he knows his spot comes open. While I understand his not wanting to tell the coaches, I definitely see them wondering if he tries to get away with this then what does that mean for the future.


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I love how Hoke handles this. If Brown isn't serious about Michigan, Michigan sure as hell shouldn't be serious about him. One more open spot for a more needed player.