Goodbye Denard

Submitted by AlphaBlue on January 1st, 2013 at 5:06 PM
Thanks for all the memories you gave us. From your first play from scrimmage to ending our streak against ohio, you have created a legacy that is one of a kind in Michigan's storied history. You were a bright spot in the darkest days of our program and proved you were a true team player all the way to the very end!

Good luck in your future and thank you for being a true MICHIGAN MAN!



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douche baggery is earned, never given. Congratulations. You've arrived.

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I love Denard as much as the next Michigan fan, but this should be Goodbye Seniors. Just my opinion I guess. 

Denard was undoubtedly the face of the program the last few years and he will be missed by all. But I am excited to see where we go from here. All of the seniors played well and we will miss guys like Kovacs, Roh, Demens, etc. All of them made plays that I will remember for years.



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In the dark ages of Michigan football, Denard, you arose to provide us with hope and a future vision.  You showed us that we would not quit, that we would struggle with everything we had, and we would never give up.  For that, and for playing your heart and rear end off for the past 4 years, we thank you!  You are what we hope and pray for every single Michigan student to be both today and in the future, someone who works hard and always does their best with a smile!

Hope to see your smiling face on Sundays next fall!  You will be missed!


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Since some scouts think Denard would make for a good NFL prospect at CB, it's too bad he wasn't one today.  Lost this game getting torched for big plays in the secondary.  Maybe Denard could have helped us?  I am out of answers.  I am just reaching at this point.  Damn!!!

UM Indy

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get torched for this, but there's a little part in this staff they would never admit that's happy he's done.  He just doesn't "fit" and it's been a struggle for Borges/Hoke to use him successfully.

Michael Scarn

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Not going to "torch" you, just want to completely invalidate your point.  Denard is the career FBS rushing yardage record holder for a QB.  

This staff decided to make and keep him as their starter despite having every opportunity to watch Devin Gardner play, until it was not physically possible for him to play the position.

They liked Denard as a QB that much more, in fact, that they moved Gardner to WR and eventually had him stop practicing QB AT ALL.

Additionally, the decision to run this hodgepog offense had some to do with the personnel available and the desire to win immediately.  Was Denard the center of that decision?  Absolutely.  But he was not the only reason.  If they didn't run any of the spread, there would have been several more losses the last 2 years. 

Even if they didn't want to have Denard play QB, I can guarantee they would have played him at some position.

He is a top 10 athlete in the entire country, and there isn't a coach in America that would be happy that he is leaving their team.  The only coaches happy that Denard is graduating are opponents.  


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What a bittersweet moment; it just kind of hit me that there are many players we won't be seeing again in that jersey (or mutiple horrible jerseys).

Farewell Robinson, Rountree, Kovacs, and company

Lucky Socks

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Thanks and Congrats on a great career. Please tie your shoes in the NFL, I promise it will be helpful. Also don't talk to strangers and don't forget your lunch.

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