Goodbye Denard

Submitted by AlphaBlue on January 1st, 2013 at 5:06 PM
Thanks for all the memories you gave us. From your first play from scrimmage to ending our streak against ohio, you have created a legacy that is one of a kind in Michigan's storied history. You were a bright spot in the darkest days of our program and proved you were a true team player all the way to the very end!

Good luck in your future and thank you for being a true MICHIGAN MAN!



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Glad I had a chance to see Denard in person. From his first run against Western to the win over Ohio to the clutch 4th qtr completion against State.

To all the seniors, THANKS!

Wolverine Devotee

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There is a wall in my house, that has some of the greatest Michigan players on it. Desmond Howard, Charles Woodson, Harry Newman, Tom Harmon, Mike Hart, Tom Brady, Braylon Edwards, A-Train and others.

Denard now has a spot on that wall. Along with Roundtree and his amazing catch against northwestern. 

I now have to change my signature being that Roy Roundtree never wore the #1. He did wear #21 which is now more valuable being it has Legend status. 

Anyways. Thank you Denard. You'll never be forgotten and when I'm an old fart I'm certain I'll be telling my kids or grandkids stories about some of your games. 


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wife got a little teared up when they showed him coming off the sidelines (AGAIN) after the last play.

thanks for everything denard. good luck getting ready for the combine, you represented us well and gave us a reason to believe during some dark times. 


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An irrational part of me was hoping this day would not come, but it has - Denard's final game as a Wolverine is now in the books. It is a shame it couldn't be on a higher note. 

Thank you, Denard Robinson, for being one of the most electrifying and galvanizing players ever to don the winged helmet. Without necessarily wanting to be, you became the face of this program, the face of its resurgence and a mentor to those coming into the program. Your on the field feats were spectacular, and your off the field persona showed people everything that was great about being a "Michigan Man". It was an honor to see you play in person here and there for these last four seasons. Good luck and congratulations. 

To all the seniors, your dedication to this program and your willingness to stay through change says much about your character and your commitment to this team, and it is all positive at that. Congratulations on your impending (or very recent, depending on the semester) graduations and good luck in all that you do. 

Shakey Jake

January 1st, 2013 at 5:51 PM ^

The little guy did his best. I applaud him for heabutting Clowney in the nuts. But, Clowney got him back with that wicked helmet busting tackle for a fumble and recovery. As they say, Karma is a bitch




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A lifetime of rooting for Michigan, and I've never found myself rooting for a single individual as much as I've come to root for Denard.  I was at the Western game for that amazing first play ever, at the UConn game for his breakout first start, at Under The Lights where I lost my voice, and many other great moments.

My favorite player of all time.  Will miss you, man.  Good luck in The League.

Victor Hale II

January 1st, 2013 at 6:16 PM ^

Quick story. After the 2012 spring game Denard and Fitz were running off the field together. Fitz made a half-hearted effort to slap at a couple of fans' extended hands. Denard went out of his way to give a "real" slap to many hands that were extended. It was all live on camera, but I doubt that's why he did it. Dude is the real deal as a person in addition to his football prowess.


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Denard may get drafter much higher than people think.  He showed his versitality today.  IMO he projects well as a RB.  The team that drafts Denard will also be getting a tailor-made star that puts butts in the seats and creates interest in the team.  There are a lot of NFL teams that will pay for that.


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fabulous.  Denard was frustrating.  Denard was awesome. Denard was sometimes awful.

Denard made me as happy as any player ever.  Denard made me as sad as any player ever.


He was always a class act and made me proud of the team i root for every year.

I am 54 and not afraid to say i have tears in my eyes knowing i will never get to root for my Wolverines with Denard on the field again.

Bless you young man. Thank you for a life-time of memories.

I hope you make a fortune in the NFL.


I will NEVER forget the excitement of watching Denard take the field and the thrills he gave so many of us.


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A true M man. He set all kinds of records and when he was injured never complained about his new role on the team. Best of luck in your future as a M grad!


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Goodbye Denard. I was at that special game in 2009 when you showed us all what you were made of on your first touch. Good luck on Sundays, wherever you play.

I always go "Denard!" when Josh Cribbs returns punts for Cleveland, as Cribbs also wears #16 and has dreads.


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I wanted Denard to move to Receiver/Return Man//// etc two years ago. I don't think that would have netted us 11 wins last year but I think that it would have netted us more this year.

However, not since Barry Sanders have I watched a player with as much anticipation that he could go to the house TD. He was simply riveting and N F L GMs will see the value in that ($).

Also, he was to my kids what AC #1 was to me.

From what I understand he's a great human being. So, many thanks young man.


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He now is a member of the Immortals. That distinguished hall of few that counts among its members men with the names of Harmon, Ooosterbaan, Carter, Howard, and Woodson. 

Where before we debated whether he ought to be a QB or RB we now are left to debate who was the greatest Wolverine to hail from Florida. The debate is one of not of the present, but of all time.

AC or Shoelace. Take your pick.


January 1st, 2013 at 7:24 PM ^

AC was a three-time All American and generally considered one of (if not the) best college Wrs of the 80's.

The electricity he brought to the Big House equalled what Shoelace has given us these past four years.

Denard joins the list of my all-time favorites but he doesn't quite reach the rarefied air that AC did.