A good story regarding recruit Erik Swenson

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2016 Football recruit Erik Swenson saved a mans life while driving home the other evening. The man was passed out in the road and half buried in the snow when Swenson and his mother noticed him. The were able to get him up and to his house before he froze to death or was hit by a car. That's a great act by a young man. Proud to see these things from kids in general and very proud to see from a future Wolverine .



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that I could keep my douchery in, but I think this act has more to do with his not wanting to watch another person die and less to do with how amazing of a guy he is. Theoretically he could have been all like "let the dude freeze" but in reality, I think most able-bodied persons do the same. Good story, but in reality they picked up a drunk off the street and took him home. I'd be more impressed if they had done so when it's 60 degrees out, or if they had braved far worse conditions to do so. I probably desrve to be negged, but "saving his life" is technically true, it wasn't some great sacrifice. 


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A lot of kids out there don't make the smartest decisions. They think it's funny to do cruel things and post their pictures to twitter and Facebook for laughs. Things like assaulting homeless people and posting the photos. Erik not only got the guy up and out of danger but also got the guy safely home.


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Why you would choose to pick this apart is beyond me. He saved the life of another human being. Period. That you would be more impressed under different weather conditions is irrelevant.

Simple acts of kindness or concern are worth celebrating. Whether that is just giving directions to someone lost, some money to the needy, or getting out of the warmth of your car and having some compassion to helping another man home or getting them out of a ditch.

As for "most able-bodied persons", apparently no one else stopped or noticed.


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when your 9-year-old daughter excitedly brings her math test home to show you she got an A-, you beat the shit out of her and lock her in the basement because it wasn't a A.

"You little witch, you ain't as smart as you think you are!"


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When most people witness the suffering of others, they experience negative emotions.  This is called aversive arousal.  There are two ways to reduce this aversive arousal:  1. by helping the suffering person and 2. by leaving the situations.  Social psychologists tend to label actions as arising from empathy if a person can leave a situation where someone is suffering, but choose to help instead.  Therefore, we can say that Swenson was helping for the sake of helping.  I say, good job!

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You want to quibble over the difference between good and great in the OP's comments, and by doing so diminish what was a fine/good/decent/nice/great/humane/conscientious deed by the recruit? You know, different people may choose to use different adjectives to describe the same thing.  How about finding something more significant to complain about.


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1) Is that really an apologia? I am not being a douche here; I always thought an apologia was more of an explicit attempt to explain why a person was not at fault and less self-reflection. 

2) Like I said, I wish I could hold my d-baggery in. It just bubbles out sometimes. For the record, I generally loath most of the thoughts that pass through my skull. 

Forgive me.

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Our time here at MGOBlog for self reflection and threads that swiftly digress from the OP.  

Swenson: Good.  Nay...GREAT!

Scruffy: Introspective, self-loathing douche. Also great (in the Bolivian sense of the word).