Good shit, Brian!

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The beginning of the podcast has me FIRED UP!!



October 22nd, 2018 at 10:00 AM ^

Marcus Ray...the guy who benefitted playing on the same field as Charles Woodson decided to chime in on Harbaugh and the current team...

Marcus Ray says Butch Jones is a better coach than Jim Harbaugh was it out of context??? Maybe listen and find out

gpsimms not to…

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I don't know. Is water not saturated with water? I suppose you could argue that water which contains some other non-water body is not saturated.  So, like, the ocean, with all its fishies and trash and rocks and plants and things is not saturated, and therefore not wet. On the other hand, a glass of plain water with nothing else in it is full of saturated water, hence that water is wet.

What do we think about this? (This is important).


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I was walking the dog at 5:30 this morning and he had my adrenaline going. I want a transcript of the opening just to send to my MSU friends so they can understand why I hate that trash university.