Good Read on Greg Banks/Building the Perfect Michigan Defensive Lineman

Submitted by touchdown chad henne on July 7th, 2010 at 10:36 AM

Gotta love the Rivals free content, this one on Greg Banks' aspiration to become one of Michigan's celebrated defensive linemen this year. I came across it on my zillionth trip to look over Michigan's 2010 recruiting class. Hey, less than two months, right?



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Banks and Sagasse could be real unsung heroes this year and give me some genuine hope for the defense. A disruptive D-line could go a long way in helping the secondary. Nobody's going over the top of the safety while running for their life. Also, "Navy Seal workouts Barwis put us through?" Barwis mancrush +1


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Here's to hoping that Banks gets to start a few games this year and end his Michigan career on a high note!  Good read, thanks for the post. 


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If he doesn't put it together as a player this year as a player, maybe he'll be a coach some day. After reading that article, i'll really be pulling for him.


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Greg really does have a good head on his shoulders. He was in the last class I took at Michigan - he was always really nice and genuinely engaged in class material. Not that I was surprised by the quality of his character because I have come to expect that from Wolverines, but he stood out as an impressive guy. I am really pulling for him to have a great senior year as well.

Blue in Yarmouth

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thanks for that. It would be sweet if we could have a guy like Banks really step up and make an impact this season. Our defense needs it and it would go a long way in getting our record back to place that would insure RR is around long enough to see his first recruiting become seniors. If he can get to that point I think he will be in for a lot of success at UM.


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Very good read.  I'm worried Banks might not have the mass to be a starter on our DL (with only 3 linemen, a DT at 275 is small) but it sounds like the depth on our DL will be very good whether Banks starts or spells one of the other guys.  Martin, Banks, Campbell and Sagesse all sound like they could be starter level guys, so the 2 deep at the DT will be both talented and experienced.  And non-freshman.


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Banks has great size for the 3-tech defensive end/tackle position he's playing.. With Martin clogging the middle and Van Bergen on the other side, we have a fairly sizeable D-line. Also, Roh will be playing wtih his hand down sometimes, so we'll have 250-275-294-280 across the board. Not bad!


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love the DL depth this year. i just hope the front 7 can help carry this defense, because the secondary has a lot of questions going into the season.


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You have to smile while reading this one, thinking about all the guys mentioned - Brandon smiling, Terrance Taylor and his Wisconsin half time fire, Branch, Woodley ...

The other thought is how important a solid set of "all in" upper classmen are. The guys who have already learned from other upper classmen before them, have taken all that in to formulate who they want to be, and in turn are leading those behind them.

More than anything this tells me we're going to be OK. Maybe this year will still be rough (maybe not ...), but the team is maturing, and we are on the cusp of a collective set of guys who have been through hell together coming of age.

Meanwhile, there are a set of guys like Greg Banks, who were caught in the transition, but are leading the way.


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...who has his head screwed on right.  That article shows Banks has an incredible attitude and that he understands the value of learning different things from those who have gone before him. 

I'll definitely be pulling for Banks to have a breakout year in his final campaign.