Good point about Florida.

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Glad the Author could see this as well.


This isn't Brian Kelly walking into Notre Dame, saying he wants to win right away, but everyone with a brain knowing that it's going to take a few years. This isn't Rich Rodriguez going to Michigan a few years ago, with the program needing to change from IBM to Apple and needing to undergo a total overhaul in philosophies. This is a team and a program that can and should demand a national title next year. That's how much talent Meyer has amassed



December 10th, 2010 at 11:44 AM ^

I don't know if I agree w/that context. I actually heard it tho yesterday on either Cowherd, or Scott Van Pelt or one of those. What I hear (Being a Jacksonville, FL resident & having access to local beat writers) is that Florida only goes for the 5-star recruits. They recruit "athletes" not "football players."  Tebow, Spikes, etc. were "football players"

Some of these jokers on the roster now are "athletes" and have character issues. They don't translate into NCAA football players very well. So yeah, they are getting burned now by recruiting only the fastest 40 times instead of football prowless.

They are currently 8th overall in recruiting, and expected to drop with the uncertainty of the HC position. That's a far cry from the repeated #1 Recruting Classes they've mustered up lately. Urban was hung up on getting the big star athletes, not so much the smart ones who know X's & O's...