Good morning... I'm at the game. ROLL CALL

Submitted by buddhafrog on October 3rd, 2015 at 9:07 AM

Are you going or are you there? 

Virtual check-in.  I'm so pumped.

I've been living in Korea for eight years so this is my first game since then. And my teenage son's first game since he was a little kid. And with my dad (who was a teacher at Tappen Middle School and got beat by Harbaugh in the students vs. teachers basketball game by - I kid you not - Jim Harbaugh who sank two free throws with one second left to beat those teachers by one point! That's our coach, who yelled for all to hear while he was wating at the free throw line and the teachers were waiting on the bench during a timeout trying to ice him: "Hurry up, I have a game to win!" I kid you not). 

Three generations representing UM on this beautiful fall afternoon in lovely Maryland. Did I mention that we are pumped?

ROLL CALL - Go Blue!



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We can debate the positives and negatives about adding Maryland and Rutgers to our conference, and God knows there are plenty of negatives, but your post reminds me of one of the positives. We have so many alumni and fans that live in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York that can now attend Michigan games in their own backyard. I'm glad you get to go see our team this afternoon. GO BLUE!


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Back at the ranch in Michigan myself, but I would be curious to know how the time change has affected the makeup of the crowd, or if indeed it has at all. I imagine that a lot of people were hosed because of the change, so it will be interesting to hear reports about how many are there and what the rough Michigan / Maryland mix might be.


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I'll be running the ridge of a damn mountain. Hopefully I will be done in time to catch the last quarter on my phone. Michigan football=motivation to keep my pace up!

Hope the weather holds out for the game and stay safe afterwards if the storm picks up.  


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I'm almost there. If anybody is around/ in lot 9b, stop by. It's just me and a Maryland grad buddy. I have a grill and some cups and am in a purple-blue Honda (no, I'm not a teenage girl, but a 30 something dude).


Wolverine In Iowa

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Checking in from my living room in Iowa o.O

But I did set up the live blog.


Jealous of the people going to the game.  Didn't work out for me to visit my mother in Mclean, VA, and go to the game.  Good news is though I will be seeing all my family in Orange Beach, Alabama, Halloween weekend.


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302, 8 rows from the top.  Yikes.  I'll move to another section at halftime.  The Maryland sections should be pretty empty.