Good luck to Wayne State!

Submitted by Buzz on December 17th, 2011 at 9:12 AM

I almost transferred to Wayne State in the late '80's from a public college in Northern California. 

This would be really nice for the school and the city.  Best of luck to the TARTARS. (I refuse to call them the Warriors, I'm sorry.)

EDIT: For the benefit of the non-Michiganders/non-Detroiters on this board, Wayne State is a school in Midtown Detroit.  Their football team is playing for the D-II football national championship today against Pittsburgh State University (Pittsburgh, KS).



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The DII and DIII have a true playoff system. This year's run by Wayne State is of particular interest because they just got into the system and have played all of their playoff games on the road. It shows that the current combination of a beauty contest - reputation based ranking system has a lot of flaws.

It also shows that why the system is so hard to change. All of these schools and games are smaller with lesser budgets so the money involved is not huge. No one is opposing the playoff at these levels because the parties have rough parity and the amounts of money involved are small.


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But on the other hand, the team selection for these playoffs has been horrible for the past couple years.  Nobody makes a fuss because it's "only" D-II, but, for example, Hillsdale keeps winning the GLIAC and keeps getting snubbed in favor of teams they beat.  The lofty ideal of "proving it on the field" hardly ever seems to apply to the D-II regular season.  I am not saying they couldn't make some changes for a I-A playoff, but simply pining for the D-II or D-III system kind of ignores the realities of what actually happens in it.

Zone Left

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Things have changed. When I was in high school a bunch of us were recruited by Wayne State. They were coming off a 1-10 or 0-11 season and the coaches told us without a hint of sarcasm that they were the best staff in any division in the country.

I decided Wayne State wasn't for me.

Feat of Clay

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Gotta root for our Research Corridor buddy Wayne, but i love the logo for the Pitt State Gorillas. It's a curious choice--I don't think Kansas has much of a native gorilla population.
<br>I'll bet if you go to Pittsburg State you about lose your mind fighting AutoCorrect when you spell the name out.


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I dont understand why #2 is facing #6 for the National Championship. Isn't #1 vs #2 in a 1 game playoff the way we crown College Football Champions around here? 



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A system having 8 or 16 teams playing it off is way closer to proving it on the field than one that has 2. 

The controversy about participants and seeding involves more teams and more scenerios too.  That's a good thing. The pro BCS crowd is out of ammo on all fronts.