For a good laugh, check out "game used" merch on Ebay

Submitted by Blue Blue Blue on May 31st, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Just for laughs, go to ebay and look at the "game used" merchandise for sale. 


search for Michigan Wolverines memorabilia.....hey, there is a game used Travis Conlon jersey.


search for Ohio State Buckeyes memorabilia, there are like 30+ items....signed jerseys, gloves, garbage........even Ray Small memorabilia.


Ha Ha Ha.  freaking clowns.



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If the Buckeyes have to forfeit some of their wins - including wins against Michigan - would these guys have to return their tacky "gold pants" charms?  If yes, there is going to be a run on these things on EBay as players that sold em - i.e. most of the team - rush to re-buy these things.  I smell an investment opportunity here . . .


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I have no informed answer to this, but my thought would be: no. The games are already over, they're something given out by school affiliates, not the NCAA, and really, what are they going to do if they don't return them? Like players who already graduated (do you actually graduate from Ohio State as much as get bought out?) are going to be scared of any 'sactions' OSU could hand down.


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I searched for "game worn michigan" and got a lot of michigan state hits, not so much for michigan.  Interesting...

I was always under the impression that players had to buy their jerseys at the end of the season if they wanted to keep them, is that not the case?  


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I have no informed ideas but my guess would be that they wouldn't have to buy them at the end of their playing career since they are specific to the player, e.g. names on the back, so the University couldn't reuse them and would have no use for them so I just assume that the players got to keep them.


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they are allowed to keep one item per year IIRC. so a player could keep a helmet one year, a home jersey the next, away the next and whatever the fourth. after that they have to pay. for hockey the kids would most often keep their gold as their freebie and their parents would either 'cut in line' at the garage sale or work something out to pick up one or the other jerseys (not said in a cynical way, of course they should have first dibs).


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I wouldn't get too worked up over this. Michigan hosts their own "garage sale" every year after the hockey season where you can buy game used items, and I'm sure every school has something similar to this.

Personal awards and signed items does make me raise an eyebrow though.


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I believe Michigan State actually sells game worn equipment. Which means that once someone buys it from MSU, don't be suprised if it ends up on Ebay. Actually I know there was an article on ESPN about this a year or two back, another "example" of why student athletes should be paid. 


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What I take away from this is that those who graduate from UM have a degree that can actually get them a job after their sports career is over.  You need that supplimental income (via selling gold pants) when your McDonald's paycheck doesn't cover your rent.


June 3rd, 2011 at 9:31 PM ^

Epilogue to the original post:

If you check Ebay and Craigslist today, it's no longer awash in questionable OSU "game worn" memorabilia.  And of what remains available on these sites, it appears that the Public Relations Fairy has paid a kindly visit.

On Ebay, there is a pair of "Authentic Game Worn Ohio State 2010 Pro Combat Pants."  The pants are only $74.99 and as of 9:30 PM today had not yet garnered any bids.  Conspicuously stated in the item description is the following (in all caps):


The seller lists similar pants from over 30 other OSU players, indicating for some that they are already "SOLD" and for others what their sale price is.  Point is, folks, that this is a legitimate sale and the other pants listed as "SOLD" must have also been entirely legitimate sales, right?  Nothing to see here.  Move along!

On Craigslist, there is an "Authentic Ohio State 2007 BCS Championship Player Warmup, #11 Gonzalez" selling for $750.  The offer states explicitly:  "These items were acquired directly from the Ohio State University Athletic Department & will include a copy of the bill of sale."

Nothing to see here anymore, ladies and gentlemen.  Move along!


September 15th, 2011 at 3:48 PM ^

Those two listings you are taking such clever jabs at happen to have been mine.  I stumbled across your asinine post recently while doing a search, so I thought I would register on this site and offer a rebuttle.  

As it happens, I added the "THESE PANTS WERE ACQUIRED FROM THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND WILL INCLUDE A COPY OF THE BILL OF SALE FROM OHIO STATE'S ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT." simply becasue I had gotten questions from a few people asking how I obtained the items.  They did not question if they were legitimately obtained, but, I'm failrly certain you're not the only simpleton out there making assumptions to that end.  Sure, it was conspicuously stated.  Why do you think I used all caps moron?  That was my intent.  To try to make it obvious to speculative idiots like yourself.

Like most big time football programs (including Michigan), Ohio State sells off game used and autographed memorabilia via their online store as well as through auctions that they hold.  That is how I obtained those pants as well as the item you mentioned on Craigslist.  Not via some shady back-alley deal as you would like to imply.  There is a HUGE difference between someone like myself who purchase items through legal,  legitimate channels and the people who circumvent or just flat out break NCAA rules.  Apparently, you aren't bright enough to make that distinction for yourself, so I have to waste time drawing you a picture.

It's sad really that people like you have to take what used to be the best rivalry in college football & turn it into what it has now become.  During my days as a player,  we were enemies on the field certainly, but we left it there and shook hands afterwards. As an undergraduate student/athlete, I dated a girl who was a student at Michigan.  I was able to walk around with her wearing my OSU letter jacket and not have a sngle rude comment, gesture or the like cast in my direction.  Everyone I met whenever I'd visit campus could not have been nicer to me.

I sincerely hope that you are not an accuarate representation of the Michigan fan base.  It wasn't until I started reading fan blogs that I  Fans like you and OSU fans as well (they are just as much to blame) take the rivalry way too far.   You are all are an embarrassment to not only both schools, but to our conference and to the sport as well.

I'm sure that you like so many of your idiot peers think a win vactated on paper is a win that never happened.  I was there, however and know different,  Just like you do in places deep down that you don't like to talk about at parties.  You can quote Officer Barbrady from South Park until you're BLUE in the face.  The fact that you experienced a good old fashioned ass whipping will not change.  

Even if your team does manage to beat us this year, wouldn't it be a rather hollow victory?  With no Terrell Pryor, no Coach Tressel, with all the problems OSU has had in the offseason & so far during it?  I think any true fan would agree that while it would be great to get the first victory over Ohio State since 2003, it would be much sweeter to be the victor's when the opposistion was at full strength and at it's best.

I'm sure we haven't hear the last of player's selling off their personal's a slap in the face to those of us who wear with pride our championship rings & gold pants.  But, in the end I still have my 2002 Big-Ten and BCS National Championship rings, my 2005 and 2006 Big-Ten Championship rings and 4 pairs of gold pants. 

What do you have?