Good day for a couple of NFC East Wolverines

Submitted by MaizeNBlueInDC on December 9th, 2012 at 7:13 PM

Good day for a couple NFC East Wolverines.  Jason Avant of the Eagles had a career day not only statistically with 133 yards receiving (no TDs but came close) but also had two key grabs; one was an amazing 3rd and long catch shown in an earlier thread, but even more importantly he hauled in a game saving 4th down catch down at the 1yd line to set up the game winning TD.  The NY Giants' Stevie Brown has 2 INTs so far and on the second had quite the run back.  Good to see those two guys doing well!



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He has got to be close to leading the NFL in INT's... What a year...

There's no way he doesn't stay on the field even after the Giant's starting safety gets back... Is there?

Ali G Bomaye

December 10th, 2012 at 2:06 PM ^

Stevie Brown is a restricted free agent after this season, so either the Giants will pay him with an eye toward playing him, or some other team will pay him a starter's salary.  The Giants won't pay him what he will get on the open market if they're not planning on him being a starting safety.


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As is the 5'9" rookie ninja runner David Wilson who just as I'm writing this made a third TD.  [To keep this from making it OT, both he and Stevie are guys who seem, to local fans, to have come from nowhere.  And happily making their presence known.] 


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He seemed to come from nowhere because he was in the doghouse for so long.  Now they trust him again, and rightly so.  Since I was stretching to make his mention relevant to ths blog, I should instead have mentioned that there was a nice shot of David Baas patting his head when he came back to the huddle.


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So, a guy that played on the 3 worst defenses in the history of football's winningest program is suddenly on a roll at the next level.  I wonder how many other guys got painted with that ridiculous 3-3-5 paintbrush?  I think I heard RRod say something like: "I can lose 9 games a year on scheme alone...."  Thank God for Mattison.


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If I remember correctly, Stevie Brown's first start at Michigan was in the Horror. He was abused Horribly in that game – the most visible culprit on a defense unprepared for that kind of speedy spread. And that was before Gerg, before Scott Shafer… man! It's so great to see him thriving now, and so disappointing to think about what could've been had he had decent coaching.


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That's correct - he was benched after the horror for the rest of that year in favor of Englemon.  Started at safety the next year under RR/Shaefer with mixed results.  As a senior moved to SAM and was very effective as an undersized LB (more of a box safety).  Kicked around the NFL for a few years but now has found a new gear.  Really happy for him.