Golf course closing question

Submitted by trublu4781 on September 9th, 2011 at 11:16 AM

I know that if it's too wet and the course will get chewed up they will close it, but when do they make that decision?  It is something that I could find out tonight potentially or will I just have wait until tomorrow. 

My plan A is to tailgate at the golf course and my plan B is to freak out that it's closed and drive around aimlessly while swearing.  I'd kinda like to have as much time as possible to alter plan B. 

FWIW I did search topics related to the golf course but didnt see anything about when they close it for the guy that inevitably tells me this has been covered before. 



September 9th, 2011 at 11:19 AM ^

Being a member of AAGO, there has been nothing said to me as of yet about closing for the game tomorrow. I believe they are going ahead with it either way as the weather is already starting to turn and "winter" rules are beginning to take affect.


The decision would most likely made public through and MLive, probably tonight. But I wouldn't anticipate it changing.

And for after the game, the course will be closing two hours after the completion of the game, as usual.

Yinka Double Dare

September 9th, 2011 at 11:27 AM ^

It usually gets announced the night before at the latest so people know they're closed on gameday and don't drive there thinking they can park there and then have no plan on where to go.

If they're closed, you can try pulling off on some of those streets just off Stadium to the east of the stadium, particularly east of S Industrial (Golden, Westminster, etc).  You might find street parking, and there are also usually students and homeowners selling parking over there on their driveway/lawn.  It's not too far of a walk from there, and some of them will actually let you tailgate.  The car wash on S Industrial just south of Stadium also sells spots in their lot or at least did, always people tailgating in there, although you'll have to be early just like with the golf course as it will fill up early.


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For AAGOC call (734) 663-4044 and press 5. There will be an automated message stating if they will be open or not. It's usually up that morning so call then if you're worried


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Chris Whitten is the UM golf coach.  I know this because I googled it and then searched twitter looking for him.  I found him @wcwhitten.  No mention of the course being closed. 


If it was a joke, kudos to you good sir, you made me google some stuff.  I even went so far as to scroll thru who followed @wcwhitten looking for a son with the same last name to no avail. 


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Go to S industrial, park at the ann arbor newspaper (I think it's the ann arbor newspaper) for 15 bucks. They also have indoor bathrooms!


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I was told that the golf course will be closed. A friend of mine who has a friend that works security informed him to make other arrangements because the golf course will be closed. Since I didn't hear this information first hand I am not going to report it as the gospel so we shall see what happens. Either way, I will be parking in a public lot like I do every week. They open when I pull in and won't tow my car when I leave it overnight.