Going to the Illinois away game, need suggestions for bars, tailgate spots, etc.

Submitted by dlcase1708 on October 17th, 2011 at 2:41 AM

I'm attending my first away M game this year, as 3 friends and I are hitting the road and going to Illinois to watch us take on the Illini. As I've never been to Champaign, do they have a solid downtown/bar-type area, where 4 M undergrads (but old enough to hit the bars) could enjoy themselves, either before or after the game? Similarly, where would be a good spot to tailgate/park? We are thinking of getting a hotel room, and partying the night away after the game, whether we drink in joy or sorrow, and leaving Sunday morning following the game. Thanks for any help!



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in Champaign. I think the max age to get in is 24, although I'm not sure on that. Just pregame hard before you go.  I'm pretty sure the bar scence is legit there too so you always have that option.


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(I left Champaign in 2007 so some info may be a bit old...)

For tailgating- best spots IMO are around Assembly Hall (Basketball stadium) just south of the football stadium. Pretty accessible and lots of open spots. 

For pre-gaming, I always liked the Campustown bars around Green Street. Both Legends and Murphy's are solid- good atmosphere and decent food. The Clybourn (Green and 6th) is pretty good also. Some people like Kam's and C.O. Daniels- but both are full of underage students who can't hold their liquor, and both have a the lingering smell of vomit omnipresent.

For post-gaming, the same Campustown bars are great, and downtown Champaign is pretty fun too.


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Two friends and I parked in a campus lot that they designate for game-day cash payers (as opposed to season-ticket-holder lots) maybe six blocks southwest of Memorial Stadium in '09. I recommend a visit to Illinois' athletics web site (I think fightingillini.cstv.com) and printing out some football parking maps before you go.


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I'm going up to Champaign with a bunch of friends from the Nashville area (IL amum, Michigan transplants) for the weekend.  I'd love for this thread to be posted the week of the game so it receives some replies.