Going to Columbus

Submitted by goblueram on November 24th, 2010 at 3:49 PM

Who is going down to Columbus for The Game?  I am going Friday night to catch Red Wings/Blue Jackets , then of course The Game on Saturday.  Where is everyone going to be tailgating before hand?  In 2006 there were not that many of us at the Shoe (I think they sold us very few visitor tickets), but I am hoping to see a great turnout of Michigan fans.  GO BLUE!



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I live in Ohio.  Given the locals friendly treatment of all non-OSU fans at the shoe I would guess there will be more fans in attendance than you realize.  It's much safer to go incogneto there.  It's nothing like Michigan or anywhere else for that matter as it relates to how visiting fans are treated. 

They actually take it personally that you aren't rooting for their stupid football team and feel their honor has somehow been tarnished by your very presence at the game.  And  they are ready, willing and able to fight you over it.

They are actually quite insane.  God i hate it here.


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im going down friday with 8 friends... my best friend is actually a student at OSU so ill be staying and tailgating with her and her family best tailgate spot in Cbus right directly in front of the rotunda about 50 yards away. Ill be in the bright maize adidas michigan football shirt standing with a couple other wolverines and a pack of buckeyes... Go Blue


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In full michigan garb.  

Please provide any great places to eat, drink, tailgate or park.

We are staying at the Homewood suites.


First time to the Shoe... If I get my butt kicked... it's kind of like dying for you country.. I can't think of anything better..


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CatFish Biffs pizza is perfect for late night drunk hunger... Eddie Georges place is pretty good too but not the most friendly place for a wolverine, i was there when evan turner hit the half court uncontested shot to beat us in the B10 tourny last year..... worst place i couldve possibly been


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I am going to the Red Wings game and The Game as well. Not sure about tailgating yet but the best and cheapest place to park is at the Special Olympics lot at 250 W Dodridge. Its only $10 and all the $ goes to a great cause. Its near the corner of Dodridge and Olentangy about a 10 minute walk to the stadium. My brother in law runs the lot so you should get much grief for wearing Michigan attire.


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Me and a med school buddy who went to OSU will be coming up Friday and tailgating at 7am on Saturday. Sitting in 35B (the student section) in full Michigan garb. I was originally going to go stealth and wear my roommate's Deerfield Beach HS sweatshirt (yes, he went to the same HS as Denard), but I figured they'd have my back.

If you'll be tailgating email me [email protected].


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Good luck with that.  I think you should post a thread on Saturday or Sunday after the game letting us all know how you were treated.  I truly think you have no clue what you are in for.

This isn't about heckling or even having cokes thrown at you.  Wearing full Michigan garb down here will get you punched in the head, kicked and sometimes idiots will even try and flip your car over.  They are nuts.  It's kinda like covering your body in meat gravy and then stepping into the Tiger's cage at the zoo to pet the pretty cat.

Be careful.   


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I guess it's a good thing none of that stuff happens in Ann Arbor. 

Seriously though, it's my experience that if fans of both sides lay low and don't be obnoxious or call attention to themselves, it's mostly a pleasant experience. Most adult OSU and UM fans treat each other with respect. It's when you get mixed up in the student sections and outwardly cheer that it sometimes gets interesting.


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You will be close to me in the student section, 39A is the official "Block O" section, 35B is back and left if you are standing in the south endzone. They are decent seats, good luck.

Last year i was in the student section with my friends that go to Michigan and was treated relatively well, hope you are treated the same.


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My only trip to Columbus was for the 2006 game (which I have heard was a little better behaved than usual with Gameday, Bo's death, and the magnitude of the game, but that is neither here nor there).  My buddy and I met a large number of awful human beings, but we also had a ton of positive run-ins with OSU fans who helped us deal with the slippery open container laws in Columbus, apologized for any shitty fans we may have encountered throughout the day, and joked with us about how they had better kick the shit out of Rutgers in the BCS title game (when it actually looked like that would be the matchup if anyone can still believe that). 

Obviously I think there are more troublemakers in Scarlet&Grey than in Maize&Blue, but if more people on both sides decided not to act like a bag of shit and the rest of us refused to put up with people who do while actively reaching out to behave like decent human beings, things would be a lot better.

Nobody should have to miss going to the biggest and best sporting event in the world just because they are afraid some jackass will ruin it for them or their kids.


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Last time I was there was with the band (and Michigan won), so hopefully there's a repeat performance! Go Blue!


PS: Last time I was there, someone did punch a french horn player in the face, was tackled by a band staff member, and handcuffed by the state police all pretty much in front of me. As the cop pulled the dumbass to his feet, he said "hope it was worth it." It was great to see this clown going to jail.


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I live in the CLB and am a proud mich wacko, I wear my Mich stuff at work and it never fails someone grabs my cloths, trys to tug on my shirt and says," Take that shit off "I have to threaten to kill them, these MTF's are crazy for there luckeyes but  I love my wolverines so much I'll be at the game with a friend and hes got my back....Oh he's about a good 6'7 320 ilbs and ready for anything...GO BLUE


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The one and only time I went to the shoe I wore my gear and was threaten before I even parked my car,state cops wrote me a ticket for drinking even though it was in a mcdonalds cup the first 10 min I started drinking and then had to listen to 6 of them talk shit to me as they wrote me the ticket.if we would of won I don't think I would of made it out of there. Never again just go to the AA games.

Ike Pond

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My nephew and I will be there decked out in our Maize and Blue.  It will the 32nd straight M-OSU game (16th in Columbus) that I've been lucky enough to attend going back to the 18-15 loss at the Big House in 1979 -- Anthony Carter's (and my own) freshman year.  Looking back the wins at the 'shoe in '80, '86, '88, '90, '96 and '00 provide some of my best Michigan Football memories -- Bobby Thompson sacking Schlichter in '80, Matt Frantz wide left in '86, D. Brown to Kolesar in '88,  Greg Frey stuffed on the option keeper in '90, Tai Streets to the house in '96 and Drew Hensen's bootleg touchdown to ice the game in '00.  I'd really like to see more Michigan fans at the games down there.  Lately even our own section is heavily infiltrated with Buckeyes.  Come in Michigan fans!  This will be a great opportunity to leave the gripers, groaners and complainers behind.  I am looking forward to watching a game with true fans.


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I have two extra tickets to the game this weekend.  They are in the Michigan Alumni Section.

I'm willing to give them away for free to someone who posts regularly and has over 20,000 points or someone who posts regularly to the Diaries.

It's my way of saying "thank you" to all the people who post here.  And since I don't post much, it's my way of giving back.  

If you qualify, email me... first person who emails me that qualifies will get them.  

You can reach me at [email protected]



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Don't post frequently, and or over 20,000 pts. Seriously they would fight you wearing the other teams colours? I always thought it was hilarious watching on tv clips of old bald drunk fans with nuts around their necks.  They play the damn fight song after they gain yards. Oh how I hate Ohio State!


November 25th, 2010 at 3:04 AM ^

With two of my buddies and my cousin. This is all of our first times visiting OSU, but we're going down there with pride, and won't be afraid or ashamed to wear our Maize and Blue and cheer for Michigan and sing The Victors.


Our tickets are in the student section, so we're expecting it to be a bit rough, but I'm optimistic. I'll be giving a hearty Go Blue! to anyone I see supporting the team.


November 25th, 2010 at 5:19 PM ^

I'm going down too - there will be 4 of us so hopefully we'll make it back.  I am planning on wearing my Michigan colors as I'm still pissed about how much Red there was in our stadium last year.  I've been to Iowa, Wis, ND, State, but this is my 1st time to the Shoe.  

Just going to have to bite my tongue and not react as I've learned.  Our seats are in the Alumni section (36C) so we should be safe at the game.  Parking is my biggest concern.  I would love nothing more than to win this freakin' game!  

Go Blue


November 25th, 2010 at 8:09 PM ^

As one sided as this rivalry is, just "cackle with knowing glee" that the pendulum will swing the other way.  Teams in rivalries are supposed to be close to the .500 mark.  Wouldn't be much of a rivalry if, say, one team had a .8 win pct and the other a .2.

Ohio State is just catching up.

That being said, represent, stay classy, and GO BLUE!