God bless our vets

Submitted by blueday on September 16th, 2017 at 8:04 PM
As a grad ... respect Michigan's tradition of honoring those that serve us. Took my nephew today. He served in Afghanistan. Son in law is an Officer in the Marine's and a Michigan grad along with my daughter. The Veteran tailgate is a way to honor our heroes. Please support.



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Michigan Football does a good job acknowledging the US Military and honoring Vets.

We should never stop showing our gratitude and admiration for the people who don the uniform of our military service branches.

Go Blue and God Bless America!


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Thankful to have a school that honors them well.

Winovich's comments a case in point.

Was a bit discouraged by both the conservative playcalling and the failure to execute even on such a selection of plays.

But at the end of the day, is it bad that I feel good for AirForce that they acquitted themselves well and didn't get embarrassed?

Purdue, however. I wouldn't mind embarrassing them next week. It feels like we need a coming out game. I'd be ok with crushing sparty for that though.


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Veterans tailgate?  Where is that at?  My buddy (Army vet, purple heart, UM alum) and I (UM alum, active duty USMC) will be attending for the Minnesota game.  We'd both love to swing by and tell YOU thank you.


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Took my Dad to the game today for his birthday. He is a four year veteran of the Air Force and served in Vietnam, and he absolutely loved the experience. Definitely a day I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.

And while playing the service academies present unique challenges (ie triple option attack), I think there is something to be admired about playing these schools. While we all love Michigan football, at the end of the day, it's just a sport. There are a lot of way more important issues going on in the world, and sometimes it's tough to put that in perspective when we are obsessing over every incomplete pass, or questionable play call. But on a day like today, you realize that those kids on the field signed up to dedicate a decent chunk of their lives to serve and protect this country. And it takes people like them, which allows us all to have the opportunity to attend/watch our team play every Saturday in the fall.


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Went to the game, the only thing I wish was different... Wished the music operator had the awareness to not start the music back up after the Michigan band had finished the alma mater. Air Force was starting it's alma mater as well and had to compete with the music on the loud speaker. As an Air Force Academy grad and a lifelong Michigan fan, I was disappointed and a little embarrassed.

Other than that, it was great to experience Michigan Stadium from the other side of the fence today. Everyone was great and respectful to me and my fellow Air Force friends. Now that the game is over, very happy that Michigan is still undefeated, but concerned over what I saw.


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have sent them off to die in stupid wars. 

I say this as someone whose grandfather was a decorated WWI hero and whose father and all his uncles served valiantly. Hats off to the men who serve but not to venal politicians or arms manufacturers. 

No reflexive, knee-jerk worship of anything warlike from me, either; I'll revere the men in all their courage and vulnerability but keep my thinking cap on to the bitter end. 


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At 20 my grandpa was navigating a plane through a typhoon in the south pacific getting supplies to guada canal.  At 20 I was bonging beers at 9 am kinda thinking about an orgo 2 exam. god bless those that serve.


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Yeah, both my grandfathers were being shot and shot at when they were 20, both dead now after being super badasses (one was a navy pilot in the pacific, one a waste gunner on a B-24 over Germany for 48 missions). Both have multiple Purple Hearts. Fucking shit, my biggest fear is traffic on US-23.


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I served.  There are more and more of us calling each other every year on Vets Day and just thanking each other for our service and talking about old times. Its like a holiday. Fun stuff.

 So glad Michigans does this. 


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One grandpa drove a tank in Korea. The other floated in the ocean for 14 hours surrounded by sharks. Uncle volunteered for Vietnam. I get nervous for football game so don't even participate in. Thanks to all that serve and are currently serving. You're the real heroes.


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I've been lucky, all three of the games so far have aired on AFN, so I have been able to watch.  I am in Afghanistan right now on what will hopefully be my last deployment before I retire.  Last summer I got to meet AFA DT Santo Coppola during his summer trip to the base I am stationed at.  I spoke with him mostly about his future career as a commissioned officer and leader, but I has to talk college football with him as well.  We talked about the upcoming Michigan game as well, and I just got done talking to him again.  Great young man.