#goblue on Field is Temporary

Submitted by Two Hearted Ale on April 15th, 2012 at 11:14 AM

I used my time on the field after the Big House Big Heart run to make sure the paint used to write #goblue was, in fact, temporary.  The yellow paint on the soles of my shoes confirmed it.


On another note the stadim was full of mascots, including a penguin, a generic tiger, Paws the Tiger, Roary the Lion, and several other animals.  I'm pretty sure I heard Dave Brandon's maniacal laugh when Roary and Paws were getting their picture taken with the kids.



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Edit: Wait, there were a bunch of mascots there? Holy bats tittyman, I hope there's not some secret tryouts going on there.


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First he painted #goblue on the field,

and I didn't speak out because I don't Twitter.

Then he made a furry little mascot,

and I didn't speak because I don't mind mascots.

Then he let Arby's sponsor the team,

and I didn't speak out because I enjoy Arby's.

Then he came for me,

and I took a picture with him at OhioHealth Michigan Stadium.


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Did anyone notice that the numbers on the helmets were a slightly brighter color of "Maize" than the wings?  I don't know if it bothered anyone else, but every time there was a close-up of the team, I was really distracted by the disconcertingly different shades of "Maize".  I must've asked 10 different people at the airport bar I was at if the colors really did look different, and I'd say 8/10 noticed it.  C'mon, Adidas, you should be able to get that right, it looks really sophomoric for the Team to have less-than perfect uniforms.


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I wanted to start a thread on BHBH but I don't have the puntos to do it so this thread is close enough I guess....

Anybody else run it?  I did the 10K and it POURED most of the race.  Even some thunder and lightning in the area.  We all got soaked and the usual relaxing and taking in the Big House from the field at the end had to be cut short because we were freezing and wet.  Still my favorite run in the area though, nothing beats the finish running down the tunnel and hitting the banner.