Goalie Options

Submitted by UMMAN83 on August 9th, 2011 at 3:22 PM

Is anyone aware of options Red is exploring to fill the recruiting void at goalie?  Seems like a program like Michigan would have a few viable options even this late in the game.  Was Gibson defecting that unexpected since he already de-committed from our "favorite" school.



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Given the extremely late notice, I doubt Red had a ready-made backup option for a goalie. He'll ride Hunwick in basically every game this year and throw every bit of recruiting muscle he has into finding either one top-tier goalie for next year or two very good goalies.

Also, since hockey recruiting tends to run on a slighly advanced schedule compared to other sports (except men's basketball), even that might be a tough job.

EDIT: The reason Gibson initially did not commit to Michigan was because Jack Campbell was in the fold. Once Campbell left for the OHL, they went after Gibson hard and it did not take long for him to flip to the good guys.


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 They have a few goalies on their radar. Two of them are from Canada, one has iffy grades and the other has character issues. The third goalie is Luke Dwyer, the former goalie of Ann Arbor Huron. He was an incredible player for their HS team when he played. 


I would put most of my money on them using Luke as their third goalie.


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Thank you.  I've been waiting for something like this since Gibson decommitted...  Are those three you mentioned all for this year, or would/could any of them be for next year?  Would any of those three you mentioned be a "long-term" solution at goalie or just a stop-gap for this year waiting for a big(ger) name to come in next year or, the year after that, since as a few people mentioned even the best 2012/13 goalies are already being snapped up?


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They are all for this year. I don't think any of them are long term solutions. What I mean by that is I don't think the coaches are expecting any of those kids to come in and be the bonafide starter in their careers (but look at Hunwick). 

They are going hard after goalies now for the next class to come in, but this year looks pretty much done. 


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Then our definitions of "long term" match precisely.  I didn't think there could really be anything that good left, but maybe including Canada there might have been something. 

This whole saga with Campbell, Gibson, what-have-you, I've felt a little bad never expecting Janecyk/random third goalie to become the next Hunwick, but at the same time, the reason Hunwick is such a story is that you never expected Hunwick to become... Hunwick.

Thanks for all the information!  Any clue who the staff might be going after for 2012?  I feel like a lot of the best ones are already committed...


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I will play tender at practices.  I don't need any new equipment, or anything else.  Just let me play in practice.  

edit:  You know, this leads me to a question.  Do they have any open tryouts?