Glorious moments in the history of The Game

Submitted by Moleskyn on November 20th, 2012 at 8:51 AM

I've been engaging in some good-natured bantering with a co-worker who is an Ohio fan, and I sent him some clips of great moments in the rivalry this morning.

(Big HT to WolverineHistorian and DonkeyPuncher for posting those.)

What are some of your favorite moments?



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enjoyed Keith Jackson coming back to Michigan stadium for the 100th edition of The Game in 03.  He called a legendary game that day and Chris Perry was unreal.  Jason Avant imploring the team and the crowd while being carried off was memorable  and the bomb to Braylon was in the running for the loudest I have ever heard the Big House (only to be called back).  That was one of my favorite games in the rivalry.


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I also remeber Chris Perry getting hurt in the game and the crowd started chanting "Perry, Perry" and he got up and came back in.  Also they played a message from President Ford on the video boards before kickoff.  Wish I could see that again, it wasnt even mentioned in the TV broadcast.



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1. 1969:  First college football game I can remember watching and quite possibly the greatest upset in MIchigan football history

2. 1976:  Ricky Leach ends the drought

3. 1991: Desmond ran right at me the whole return.  I had shitty seats back then but for one play in one game I wouldnt have traded them for the world

4. 1995: Touchdown Timmy ruins OSU hopes for a Rose Bowl single handidly

5. 1997: Because obviously


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Aside from the obvious Woodson, Desmond and Timmy B moments which could be the best ever in the series,......1993 28-0 beat down of an undefeated Ohio team, Griese to Streets in 96 and one of my all time fav games was 2003 the 100th game. 



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from the 1997 game. I remember rewinding my tape of the game (wow, tapes, man am I glad for DVR now) to see this hit over and over again.

My apologies if this hit is in one of the videos linked above, YouTube is blocked at my office so I can't watch those at the present.


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The 1993 game is a personal favorite of mine.  I was in high school, and my cousin and aunt came up from Columbus to go to the game.  They were insufferably smug before the game, but after they came back with their tails between their legs and headed back down south after barely saying a word.  That was supremely satisfying.


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1) Henson bootleg to seal a Michigan victory in 2000 and ruin 100,000 OSU fans' days that went to the Horse Shoe for that game.


2)  The Courtney Avery interception to seal the win last year.  Maybe it's not as iconic as some of these other moments mentioned here but we hadn't beaten them in 8 freaking years up until that point!  What an amazing feeling that was when that happened.


Also, I admit I was not around for this, but I love listening to the Bob Ufer audio of the 1973 game.  "They're taring down the banner!"


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Small factoid -- last time Ohio State shutout Michigan?  1962.

Last time Michigan shut out Ohio State? 1993.

1993 - 1962 = 31.

Michigan is 31 times better than Ohio State.

Math does not lie.

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The obvious choices are:

  • Harmon/1940,
  • the whole team/1969,
  • Darden/1971,
  • Leach/1976,
  • Desmond/1991
  • Biakabituka/1995
  • Woodson/1997

The one that gave me the biggest chills for pure drama, however, was John Kolesar -- the demon from Westlake -- catching a 1985 touchdown bomb as a freshman.  I don't think I have ever felt so electrified.  Something about that moment in that game.  That was the Harbaugh "guarantee" game, right?

Go to about the 17:00 mark: 

Kolesar then torched the Buckeyes again in 1988.


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Harbaugh to Kolesar was the loudest I've ever heard Michigan Stadium.

My seat was in the first 10 rows, close to field level, in the end zone that Kolesar ran in for the TD.  The field was not lowered at that time, it was at ground level, hard carpet over concrete.  

Two things about sound . . . it relfects and it rises.  The sound of the crowd going ape-shit, bouncing back from the hard ground-level surface, hurt my ears the rest of the day.



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Kolesar was also the hero of the '88 game in Columbus.  He accounted for all 100 yards of the game winning TD (60 yard KO return, then a 40 yard bomb from Demetrius Brown that he adjusted to on the fly and out-jumped the Ohio defender for the TD).