GLI Tournament Open Thread MSU vs WMU 3:30 pm. Mich Tech vs Michigan 7:00 pm

Submitted by WingsNWolverines on December 29th, 2012 at 3:02 PM
MSU is taking on WMU at 3:30 pm at the Joe as Michigan prepares to play Mich Tech @ 7. Huge games for all 3 CCHA teams tonight.



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Might want to change the thread title. I opened this thinking MSU and Western were playing in the Championship today, meaning we lost to one of them yesterday and I didn't even know about it.


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After the tied series @ Yost we had with them 3 weeks ago they are not somebody I want to face again. Honestly though I hope we kill them should we play them. That CCHA title game last year still has a sour taste in my stomach. I want revenge on those bastards. If Michigan is to get things moving in the right direction this season now is the time to do it.


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might. I'd talk to these boys like my high school hockey coach use to get our team pepped up by reminding us what they did to us last year and simply screaming FUCK THEM UP. MAKE THEM BLEED AND SWEAT. FUCKING TEAR THEM APART. I swear you could see the vein in his temple almost. Western has become a bit of a thorn in our side as of late. Order must be restored.

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"Big Ten sucks" chants. 

Can you blame the B1G schools leaving the CCHA because they don't want to play in arenas reminiscent of intramural hockey arenas used by Tim Hortons Timbits?


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Gave up 7 goals to a really bad MSU team and lost humiliatingly on the road in EL, couldnt take advantage of home ice against WMU or ND and only scored on the power play in both series only ONCE. Do not take a really bad team vs a bad team lightly. I'm not going into this thinking we've got this won already.

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state-western has always kind of been an underrated nasty rivalry. Back in the '86 GLI, state fans dumped beer, ketchup and mustard all over western's player Jim Culhane while he was in the penalty box (now the guy on the intermission report) and Culhane tried to climb up the glass to get them.

Very ugly scene and possibly why western hasn't been to the GLI until now. 


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Will Michigan have a band at this? Since there's a basketball game at the same time tonight. I'd assume maybe the alumni band splits in two? I mean someone's gotta play Can't Turn You Loose