GLI Loss

Submitted by MGoAndy on December 29th, 2009 at 9:53 PM

The Engineers take down the Wolverines at the Joe, 4-3. Michigan outshot RPI 46-14. Hogan gave up 3, Hunwick 1. Michigan battled back to tie it at 3 but couldn't take the lead. Team is now 9-10, plays Tech tomorrow at 4:30.



December 29th, 2009 at 9:57 PM ^

so the hockey season could not possibly get any worse right?....figures. what a joke. i cannot believe how bad this team is even when they play good. no offense. bad goal-tending. below average defense. inconsistent as all hell. it does not make any sense. this just plain sucks and i can't even get mad anymore.

the_big_house 500th

December 29th, 2009 at 10:57 PM ^

Is it just me or is hockey just not a functioning sport in Michigan right now?! Four scoreless periods against the BLUE JACKETS TO LOSE IN OVERTIME AGAINST A TEAM THAT WAS 0/5 ON THE PP?! WTF is wrong with both these teams? If Detroit doesnt get their act together and start scoring more goals it's going to be a long rest of the season.


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i'm starting to think instead of obsessing and writing commentary on why we think teams lose, mgoblog posters should be required to post a variation of the following:


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hasn't had a good goaltender since Al Montoya. Hogan was Sauers backup until Sauer didn't pan out. Hogan gives up to many goals on to few shots. This Michigan team is young and needs good goaltending and they're not getting it.


December 30th, 2009 at 12:30 AM ^

cutting and pasting the same shitty commentary into multiple posts is, at worst, trolling and at best lame. there was nothing insightful in your post and it was basic reactionary keyboard vomit. step away, watch some game tape and then come back to the board. the hockey program in particular has had a constant ebb and flow at times that requires patience and, at worst, a shrug of the shoulders. blind complaining is borderline ungrateful for the years of success berenson et al. have provided. needless to say such blind complaining does not need to be CUT AND PASTED


December 30th, 2009 at 9:49 AM ^

jackass, I didn't cut and paste anything, if you took time to read it you'd figure that out. It was two different articles on last nights hockey game. And no one said anything about the hockey program being bad, I was talking about the goaltending and Hogan, and in case you didn't notice, I had people agree with me. There is nothing insightful about your ranting and raving posts either. And I can see by the time you joined these blogs and by the points you have, all you do is comment on here day and night. Do you have a job?


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I don't know if it's fair to say Sauer didn't pan out. For whatever reason, the team just wasn't scoring goals last season when Sauer was in net (first half of season, at least) and they were scoring when Hogan was in net. You are correct, however, in that neither was/is as good as Al Montoya.

Mr. Robot

December 29th, 2009 at 11:52 PM ^

I just don't get it. We lost less people than we normally do, returned our top scorer, and gained some awesome freshman.

So what do we get in return? 9-10.

I just don't get it. I don't know what's causing it. Why aren't our forwards scoring like they were last year? Why do our goaltenders look like they belong at Michigan Tech? How do you lose a game you out-shot your opponent 46-16, many of which were good shots?

I just don't buy that the other team is that good on defense and goaltending. That's the type of thing that leads to the Air Force game last year, not losing half your games well into the season.

It sucks. As bad as Hogan and our defense has had a tendency to be in too many games so far this year, we are still in most of our games thanks to not-quite-good enough offense. That offense has been disappointing because its come from power plays and shots on goal that would statistically have you believe we put up 4-5 goals on every opponent we've played.

I'm not giving up yet, but it feels awful. I'll still hold hope that we can win the CCHA tournament and get the auto-bid, if only because we've made 19 straight and because I know that based on last year alone we have the ability to do it. The scary part is whether or not they can keep their game together long enough to string two wins over consecutive days.


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And sometimes when you're on
You're really fuckin on
And your friends they sing along
And they love you
But the lows are so extreme
That the good seems fuckin cheap
And it teases you for weeks in its absence

the_big_house 500th

December 30th, 2009 at 12:11 AM ^

It's that a big win against a good team can help boost a team through the season. Michigan's took some tough losses on the chin this year in the CCHA. Losing two in a row to Michigan State, losing against a struggling Buckeye's team 5-3, losing to Notre Dame after beating them 4-1 the night before. This loss today definitely stung and our record is not that of the quality this program sets during the season. We need a two in a row win to launch some confidence back in our team. In November going into December we were able to beat Minnesota, Wisconsin and Bowling Green in a row until we went up against Osu in Columbus to lose 5-3. Michigan hockey needs a spark and fast because as you said a door to the NCAA tournament might be quickly closing if we can't find a way to get a streak going. This team needs wins, especially against weak opponents.


December 30th, 2009 at 1:25 AM ^

The game tonight was excruciating. I wanted to punch a small child the entire game. Having season tickets to basketball and hockey is torture. Our teams are so frustrating it's unreal. The hockey team looked lifeless and played sloppy. RPI was not in any way a good team. They were slow, less talented, and gave up a ton of chances.

I know this post adds no value, I just need to vent.