GLI Championship open thread: UM vs. MSU

Submitted by CaptainBlue on December 30th, 2011 at 7:19 PM

Boston College took down Mel Pearson's Michigan Tech earlier today for 3rd place. Now it's Michigan and Michigan State at the Joe. Here we go.

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Go Blue!



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megangoblue's brother is using all of the bandwith at her house and streaming is awful. I feel like I should be rooting for Joe Louis instead of rooting for a game at Joe Louis, listening to a sporting event on the radio and all...


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The guys on the radio call must not know they're able to be heard on the live stream.  "Someone should take McInchak and have him ref peewee hockey.  I've got records that show he makes extremely weak calls on Michigan." 


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The last 1:30 of the period was the best chance Michigan had a scoring a goal since about two minutes into the period.  Hopefully they can come out strong again to get the equalizer.


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Throwing in a little bit of "In Heaven There Is No Beer" with "I Can't Turn You Loose"?  I don't know if that's sweet or scary to be incorporating part of Iowa into our tradition.