Glenn Winstons victim says...........

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from last August, AJ Sturges says........

While I hope what happened to me will never happen again, I am afraid the precedent set by this decision will only enable similar incidents in the future. With no formal athletic standards or means to deal with student athletes convicted of a violent crime, this cycle will continue



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The most comical thing was Jim Comparoni, MSU cheerleader-in-chief, writing after the start of fall camp that Winston's level of conditioning seemed oddly lower than last year, and speculating that he may not have worked out as hard last offseason.


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Isn't Winston injured?

He tore his ACL 1 month ago and just had surgery.

Hard to believe he had any part of this seeing as he can't walk w/o crutches, unless he's a Sparty mafia don and ordered the nerd massacre.

To me, this just makes Dantonio even more of a douche. Winston should have been kicked off the team before the start of this year, and now that the kid is rehabbing from an ACL tear, he's going to throw him off of the team as a scapegoat.

Dantonio, you fucking suck.



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Have you ever suffered an ACL injury?

He suffered a complete tear just over a month ago and had surgery on it = he can't walk without the aid of crutches.

People who can't walk w/o the aid of crutches DO NOT run into a potluck, beat people down, and then run out.

Winston = mega asshole douche who should have been kicked off the team to start the year.

Dantonio = using Winston as a scapegoat.

Seriously? No charges have been made as of yet, and yet BOOM gimpy Winston is off of the team.

That sounds to me like a coach attempting to deflect attention by saying, "oooo, look I did something. See? I reacted immediately!"

The kid is an obvious scapegoat and Dantonio took advantage of him.

Dantonio = fucking douchebag.

If Winston is involved, I'm wrong, he's even more of douche, but as of now, the police are remaining mum, witnesses say they "knew" he was involved even though there were reported to be as many as 15 perpetrators who rushed in and started beating people down, while wearing ski masks. The whole thing just reeks.

D.C. Wolverine

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I am currently on crutches and I think that his involvement in this could be iffy. Im not trying to say I know what happened, but I think it would be hard for him to pull that off. It would be hard for me to run into a building on my crutches, then manage to punch someone, and then run away. Maybe hes better on crutches than I am but it seems a little bit much.


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"People who can't walk w/o the aid of crutches DO NOT run into a potluck, beat people down, and then run out."

You've obviously never seen video of my father raising hell at his class of 1959 high school reunion from a few months back. I swear, it was like watching a man turn into a helicopter with wooden blades.

/satire about parents with high school grudges


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I think the latest assault victim (assuming that Winston was (one of) the assailant(s)) might say something like, "Thank you for putting Winston on the field the day he was released from prison. I can't think of a clearer way to demonstrate that MSU was negligent in supervising a student-athlete with a demonstrated violent criminal past. You have deep pockets. I shall reach into them."