Glasgow at Center, Bryant at LG if game was played today

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Tweet from @umichfootball. Interesting. Also Jake Ryan is now in full contact drills.



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I'm sure there's still stregth to be gained in his leg but from a medical standpoint he's cleared.  I've torn both ACLs and they cleared me as going back to playing sports at 75% strength.

Doing my rehab for both at Vanderbilt they use a 'Cincinatti Jump' to determine percent of stregth, basically jumping on your good leg for a maximum distance 3 different ways and then doing your injured leg in the same manner and taking the percentage.  I never kept testing on my own to see how long it took me until the two legs matched up.  I'd go several days a week for 6 months.

The mental part is really the biggest thing.  I don't think it matters who you are it's a big deal.  I'm sure he's mentally tough wanting to get back out there but I'm sure the mental part of reinjuring and sitting out the second half of the year is still a big thought in his mind.

Hopefully he's done enough rehab and pushed himself a bit further than one normally might and got through a lot of the 'trusting it' issues.  They'll be there for sure it's just a matter of time getting beyond it.  That's my biggest hope is he's gone through that already and is now not thinking about it as much or at all and can just play some football.


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Wasn't Bryant penciled in as the starter before he missed that fall scrimmage to get his knee drained? I'm excited to see what the new and originally projected line will do. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a lateral move. If Glasgow plays better though an Bryant gets re-injured I think we'll see someone else come in at guard rather than bring Miller back in. He seems like a great guy, but he has pinched the ground in frustration one too many times.


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This is exciting, not because I've been confident this is what should happen, but because I'm confident this wouldn't be happening if the coaches didn't trust Glasgow with the line calls and snaps. He's demonstrated himself to be a better blocker, and I've also been impressed by the little we've seen of Bryant. This could be a big development.

Perkis-Size Me

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Hopefully getting some bigger bodies in there will allow us to generate a little more push. When you allow UConn to have 10 TFL, or even any team for that matter, that's a pretty glaring problem.

Unicycle Firefly

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I wonder if this is a change that was made two weeks ago and is just now being announced, or have the coaches been having them duke it out at practice to see who comes out on top?  If it's the latter, it might mean that Miller and Glasgow are really close, and this switch might not cause the dramatic improvement we're all hoping for.


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At the beginning of the year, Hoke and Borges talked about having the "best five" out there. They weren't just talking about one player being better than the other--it was the combination that mattered. For example, it could mean that Glasgow was physically a bit better than Miller, but much better at guard than Bryant or Injured Bryant's backup. Or that Glasgow was a better blocker, but Miller a much better snapper. Or that Glasgow is ok as a center but a much better player as a guard.

But, as the obsession post highlights, things are really bad, so there's no sense not changing things up. I think, based on performance and on the staff's quotes last week, we all knew this was at least a possibility on the table.


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In other news, Colin Cowherd just said Stanford would smoke Michigan; said they could name the score against us. Right after he said that Oklahoma City is the second most talked about sports team on ESPN.


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He is right.  They have dominant lines.  They would beat us 8 times out of 10 I believe.  If Gardner gets hot all bets are off, but their baseline is clearly better than our baseline right now.  If our O-line can gel (big if) then it could be an intriguing matchup.

Ron Utah

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He also said that Lane Kiffin was a great coach and would lead USC back to national prominence, if not championships.

He also ridiculed a caller for about 10 minutes last year because the caller thought the Vikings would win 10 games.

Cowherd makes money by making strong, polarizing, and often stupid statements and predictions and spawning controversy and conversation as a result.


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All the men who have coached that Stanford offense (Harbaugh, Shaw, Pep Hamilton, now Mike Bloomgren) all have NFL pedigrees. We have. . .well. . .Al. Look at his history and please point to me the example of him building an offense up into something with his own style and his own players. You will have to go back at least 15 years to one great year at UCLA (and even that was with a lot of inherited recruits, notably McNown).

If you wanted Stanford's offense, you wanted Harbaugh. Brandon either failed to seal the deal with Jim or - and this would be really disgusting - internal politics at UM made it difficult for him to come here. We can win with Hoke because he is a great recruiter, good motivator and has strong defensive chops. But Borges? I'm really starting to question the rationale of fans who think his stint here can end well.


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How relieved would you all be if we ground and pound the gophers for 200+ yards.  Fitz over 100, Green and Smith for another 100 combined, and Gardner with another 40 or so. 


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And I'm not saying this as a Cowherd fan, but what he actually said was that Oklahoma City was getting the 2nd most amount of NBA coverage right now on ESPN, which, considering Russell Westbrook's recent surgery, is not a lie. The key, though, is that they are getting the 2nd most amount of coverage RIGHT NOW.


Obviously subject to change once the season gets into full swing. I wager we hear twice as much about the NYC teams as well as Chicago and the two LA teams by the time the actual season tips off. Miami, of course, gets all the talks.


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I think Cowherd is correct in both respects, except for the part about naming the score.  I think he is more hijacking a bit of the recent past between the two programs, specifically Harbaugh in an effort to be inflammatory and provocative.


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into the mix been mostly due to his health issues? If that's the case, then I think what has transpired has simply been a tryout period for this other lineup. Clearly, the defensive and offensive rotatations are going to change now that the heavy-lifting part of the season is about to get underway. I mean it makes sense to start bigger guys when you start playing bigger lineups every week. 

I mean it makes sense to run Fitz as a primary back. And he needed to be the primary ball carrier in the preseason just to get over the mental aspect of his game and recovery. Now that the conference season is here, he should alternate some carries and having bigger guys to help carry the load will take some wear and tear off his body.

I think that has played a role in how the staff has made substitution choices or not so far. 


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The nice thing about Bryant is if you listen to reports and coaches, he's a guy that has performed pretty well in practice for a while.  Before he got hurt last year, h3 was supposedly in the discussion about battling for a starting job.  Then again this year, there's talk that if he hadn't had some boo boos he might have been starting earlier.

It obviously doesn't guarantee that the ground game is going to do a 180, but I like the fact that Bryant isn't necessarily someone who has come on real strong in practice the last couple of weeks, but rather he's someone who has impressed the coaches enough when he's been playing the last 2 years to merit consideration for a starting spot.