Giving Ohio State Nightmares since 1995

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I was youtubing some highlight clips from the 2009 season for Michigan and I see under my "recommended for you" box on youtube a video by Wolverine Historian of Tim Biakabutuka''s 313 yard game against OSU. With the season now close to 40 days away I figured why not get some Michigan pep going to help get psyched for the 2010 season! Enjoy!



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I too have a fandom in it's infancy. I didn't start caring about football until 2003, when I found out all my friends liked O-State, so naturally I rooted for their least favorite one, some team called Meatchicken (incidentely the poorest excuse for an insult I've ever heard). Needless to say the 2003 game really cemented my fandom.


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2003 was my freshman year and although my parents met at UofM, I was never a die-hard fan...that is until we beat the Buckeyes and rushed the field.  High-fiving those players, who honestly looked like ecstatic 10-year-olds in a candy store, is something I'll never forget.  That game also cemented my obsession with Michigan football.


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I had only ever seen Tim's name one other time, and I had no idea how great he was, or that he was even a tailback, but hey, the day I was born is less than a month after this.


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Biakabutuka put up much bigger numbers in '95 than before, obviously, but that's not to say that he didn't contribute before then.  He came off the bench as a true frosh in '93 and rushed for 140 against Purdue, and then was our primary rusher while Wheatley was injured at the beginning of the '94 season (including the win in South Bend).  His stats:

1993   43 att., 209 yds, 5 TD

1994  126 att., 793 yds, 7 TD

1995 303 att., 1818 yds, 12 TD

Talk about consistency: Biakabutuka came into '95 averaging 6.0 yards a carry, and maintained that exact average that season.  And he pulled that off despite not really being a breakaway threat. 


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Biakabutuka gets most of the credit, but that o-line was opening holes all day that you could drive a bus through.

Just goes to show how much this game is won and lost in the trenches.  We'll starting winning once we can dominate them up front again.


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game even better is that ohio state need to win that game to go to the rose bowl, if they lost northwestern went... there were a lot of sad buckeyes that day at the big house, including the couple that sat behind me that had already bought and paid for their trip to pasadena... i learned a lot of new swear words that day...

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This still goes down as one of my all-time favorite games. And I know a lot of well-deserved credit  went to the O-line, but Tim was a beast that day.

My curiosity as to "what's he up to?" led me to this article, where they give Tim much love for the football explosion in Canada:

Pat Sheahan, the coach at Queen's University in Ontario, said he has noticed a recent increase in the popularity of football, especially after Montreal's Tshimanga Biakabutuka made a splash at the University of Michigan. Nicknamed "Touchdown Tim," Biakabutuka holds the Wolverines'record for rushing yards in a season and was a first round pick in the 1996 NFL draft.

"It's my impression that the number of Canadian kids playing football has increased dramatically over the past five years," Sheahan said. "There was a true explosion after Tshimanga Biakabutuka. ... Colleges in America started to look at Canada as a legitimate recruiting ground."


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Here's a different kind of pump-up video for you guys.  Although the video quality is pretty awful, I still thought this was pretty neat.  I'm sure whoever made this is a MGoMember.

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Im sorry, this was not a game where the O-line simply tore open holes.


this was a game where a Wolverine played like a man posessed.  apparently, the Michigan coaches spent the week telling Biakabatuka that he was going to get to see the best RB in the country (Eddie George had already emerged as clear Heisman favorite.

from his first carries, Biaka.. played like a man posessed.   We joked that they had injected him with something.  He juked, broke tackles , carried tacklers with him........

in more than 40 years of watching M football, this was an exceptional performance.


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Once we beat OSU the lack of success we had against them the last decade will be forgotten. I only started following Michigan football since I started attending in 2005. I too do not know what it feels like to watch Michigan beat Ohio State.


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This was the first Michigan game in which I had a rooting interest - I had gotten my acceptance letter about 3 or 4 days prior, and my parents had sent in a deposit that morning.