Per Gil Brandt: Haskins leaning heavily toward going Pro

Submitted by The Baughz on December 10th, 2018 at 4:25 PM

Gil Brandt just posted on Twitter that he believes Haskins is heavily leaning toward going to the NFL. Brandt is a big time NFL scout and is very plugged in. The Tate Martell era may be starting in 2019.



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OSU is always going to have elite talent at the QB position. If Haskins leaves, they're replacing a composite top-100 recruit with a composite top-50 recruit (albeit unproven on the college football field). 

If we're going to compete on an annual basis, its important that we bring in that same level of talent consistently. I'd take the elite talent addition to our roster every time. 


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Gil Brandt is the guy who reported that we offered and were turned down by David Cutcliffe in 2015. That coaching search has since been relived publicly in great detail by those who were involved, and Brandt's report was patently false. Haskins may go pro, but this guy is a hack. 


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The point isn't that the next QB in line hurt us with his arm's that regardless of what kind of QB they get we get burned every year. If he's a runner, we can't stop him and seemingly have zero ability to spy on the QB. If he's a passer, we generate zero pass rush and their WRs have 5 yard cushions, 360 degrees around them from our defenders.


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Martell is Trace McSorely.  We had our struggles, but we beat McSorely 2 out of 3.  I'll take my chances on that.

Haskins made us look foolish in the 4th quarter of the 2017 game, and then came right back and did it again in the 2018 game even though we were "ready" for him.

Pretty sure he'd do it again.

Go get your $$$, son.  Don't wait. 


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Martell runs like Braxton Miller. Considerably faster than Trace who ran a lot like JT Barrett. 

The issue with Tate Martell is he has a better arm than any of the three mentioned above. 

JT had a noodle arm and streaky accuracy. McSorely and Braxton were arm punters who had receivers who could win 50/50’s. 

Martell’s arm isn’t as strong as Haskins but the kid can deal. Puts the ball on target which is all the OSU receivers need. 

I’m hearing Haskins is legitimately undecided. He is a middle class kid so it’s not a matter of needing the money to provide for his family. He could use another year in college. The odds against a QB with less than 20 starts are not great. Day as HC actually helps because he prefers a more NFL-style passing game. 

Minus The Houma

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Just did a quick look up of 40 times I could find.

Braxton - 4.5 at combine

Mcsorely - 4.64

JT - 4.7 at combine

Tate - 4.72

Shea - 4.86 for comparison


For what it's worth one of my best friends is an OSU fan and Alumni. He is of the more level headed variety. He feels it would be the right decision for Haskins to go pro and for Martell to transfer right now. Day is an air raid guy so getting a true cannon at QB will likely be a priority.


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4.59 for Tate Martell, laser timed the summer before his SR year. It’s not his straight line speed that makes him dangerous  

Braxton Miller could be tracked down by a fast DB. What made him (and Tate) dangerous is their ability to get to full speed in a couple steps or reverse course and maintain their speed. 

JT and Trace had an uncanny ability to get skinny and slip/slide for an extra couple yards on 3rd and 3. Neither one was really going to get past a good DB. 


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I would fucking hope so.

A. He'll probably be QB #1 taken

B. He basically said goodbye to OSU in a tweet Saturday night

He gone brother.....he gone.


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I thought he was true soph, didn't realize he was even eligible -- so this is good news to this guy. 

I don't see why he wouldn't go pro. It doesn't seem like a great QB draft class, he's been shattering records, and Meyer is gone. Unless he really loves college and/or really wants to win a championship, I don't see why he'd stay.