Gibbons. Again.

Submitted by bighouseinmate on November 11th, 2012 at 2:29 PM

Lost in all of the heroics accomplished yesterday at the end of the game was another clutch kick by Gibbons. Granted, it was just a little longer than an extra-point kick, but still clutch.

Two years ago an end of the game kick like that to either tie or win the game would have been nerve-racking, with a lot of praying and pleading.


Nothing. Didn't even have a microsecond of thinking he'd miss it.





November 12th, 2012 at 2:54 PM ^

I wonder if they're happy to have an excuse to do what game theory suggests is usually the smart move- foregoing a FG try for the promise of more points.

There was an article a few days ago, spotlighting Chip Kelly's similar policy for 4th downs:

CO Blue

November 11th, 2012 at 2:52 PM ^

It appears he pulls it off his hip, off the ground, and into position so quickly that timing is not thrown off at all.

Also, I am feeling even more strongly that an accurate long snapper is a pretty nice thing to have.


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A couple years ago everyone would have been doing that praying/pleading thing after the catch. Yesterday, nothing but joy and 110k+ fans at the stadium and much more than that watching on tv knowing with as near certainty as one can have that the kick was all but through, before it was even kicked.

And we still have this kid for another year? One thing we certainly don't have to worry about next year.


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Why didn't Hoke go for the endzone once before trying the fieldgoal when there were 7 seconds left on the clock? If Gibbons missed the first try, would he have gotten a second chance on 2nd down?


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He wouldn't even have to be sacked to use up the clock.  Any hesitation in the pocket could cause that play to use up the full seven seconds.  Note that in the 2011 UTL game, Denard threw it as soon as he could, and that play still took six seconds off the clock.


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No.  Once you kick the ball that's it.  The only way you can get a second chance is if the snap is so bad that you never get the kick off.

As for why we didn't go for the endzone, as in the UTL game, I think Hoke has a lot more confidence in his kicker now than he did then (and probably felt better about playing in overtime than he did back in September 2011, when our D was unproven).



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I was thinking the same exact thing because 7 seconds is enough time to get a play off as long as it's a quick strike pass. I understand that it's definitely risky because of a sack or to have an extra play to guard against a bad snap on the fg. But Hoke has shown to take risks in his tenure here. I thought it was a good opportunity.


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Keep in mind that we were playing a QB making his second career start - a guy who had been playing wide receiver two weeks ago.  Given the circumstances, Gardner has played unbelievably well the past two weeks, but still, his decision-making isn't perfect (as his INT three minutes earlier showed).  There was no need to put the game on his shoulders there.   He'd gotten us in FG range already.  Kick it and win it in OT, when there's no clock to worry about.



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I am trying to find out who the person behind me was. I have been to two games over the past few years and he sat there both times. He is the most negative worthless fan I have ever been around. He talks loud and has a Buddy Holly looking friend. He talks to the players like they can hear him. He wanted a roughing the passer penalty on a hand off.

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Gibbons is a serious All-America candidate.  He's 14-16 on FGs and perfect on PATs, and has made two last-second kicks when we were behind (MSU, NW) - not to mention a pair of kicks in the 4th quarter at ND to keep our chances alive in that one.


November 11th, 2012 at 3:48 PM ^

This may already be widely known, but Gibbons has now made made 11 consecutive field goals, which is the second-longest such streak in Michigan history, behind Remy Hamilton's 14 straight in 1996. He's also made 87 consecutive extra points, which is also second best, trailing only J.D. Carlson's 126 straight in 1998 to 1991.


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Brendan Gibbons has almost literally gotten better with every single kick, and it has been a joy to watch really. Just looking at FGs in his career, for example, he has gone from 1-5 on FGs in 2010 (20%) to 13-17 in 2011 (76.5%) to 14-16 this year (87.5%). It is a tribute to working hard and not giving up, even in the face of a coaching change. Not only is the confidence there, but he's gotten stronger too, which is great to see as well - his longest FG last year was 43 yards, whereas this year, it is 52 yards, or an 18% improvement in potential range. Gibbons is one of the great stories on this team, I think. 


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UM is 15-18 for the year or ~82% and Gibbons is 14 of 16. Just 2 years after the 2010 kicking debacle.

Interestingly Arizona is only 60% on the year. Not lambasting that staff as they deliver results in other areas, but 2010 was not an anomaly for them.

Whatever Hoke & Ferrigno are doing, it's working - or I wait for Mathlete to disprove the hypothesis.


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Not bc of his past but bc I always worry about a bad snap or a blocked kick. Not since the horror have I thought of a FG as a for sure make (which I did on that horrible day). But now I just think of brunettes and let it all happen.