Gholston Suspended by Big 10

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Oct. 20, 2011

Park Ridge, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference office announced that it will impose a one-game suspension on Michigan State University football student-athlete William Gholston for violating the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement during Michigan State’s game against Michigan on Oct. 15, 2011.

The Big Ten determined that Gholston’s actions at the end of the third quarter of the Michigan contest violated Big Ten Conference Agreement 10.01.1.A.1 - “Striking or attempting to strike or otherwise physically abusing an official, opposing coach, spectator or athlete.” The conference office also publicly reprimanded Gholston for his actions.

The Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement states that “It shall be the responsibility of each member university to ensure that all of its students and all individuals employed by or directly associated with it comport themselves in a sportslike manner when representing their university, especially at intercollegiate athletic contests.”

The Big Ten Conference considers this matter concluded and will have no further comment.





October 20th, 2011 at 8:54 PM ^

...whereby smiling after a play could get a technical foul. If memory serves me right, he told Jalen Rose if he smiled again (at the NU game) he'd get a T. Surely Denard provokes his opponents by smiling after a tackle, and giving them a little-brother pat-on-the-head.

Darth Wolverine

October 20th, 2011 at 4:13 PM ^

Dantonio has no balls. Sparty needs all the help they can get on Saturday night against Wisconsin, so he knows he needs all his best players. He tried to skate by with their "internal investigation" and hope that the NCAA would just let that go until after the Wisconsin game and then MAYBE Dantonio would have suspended him for a game against a weaker opponent, but thankfully the NCAA stepped in prior to the Wisconsin game.

I hate the Badgers, but I will be cheering for them so much on Saturday night. I hope they completely annihilate and embarrass the Spartans on national TV. We need Wisconsin to win anyway for our divisional record's sake.

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October 20th, 2011 at 8:51 PM ^

But that doesn't exactly answer your question, and I don't know the answer.

One wonders whether there may have been some communication between MSU an the B1G; i.e., if we make just Gholston, and just for Wisconsin, will you accept it and not appeal?  (Knowing what a shitstorm there would be if, perchance, the B1G wanted more games or more players suspended, and MSU said that they weren't accpeting it and would appeal and somehow force any other penalties out to later in the season for games like Minnesota, all the while knowing that at least a one-game suspension for Gohlston was completely inarguable.)


October 21st, 2011 at 2:45 AM ^

I don't think anyone else was in danger of getting suspended, what Rush did was definitely a personal foul and he got flagged for it, but nothing to warrent a suspension. I mean I know Dantonio has absolutely no rules or standards for his football team but I can't believe even after seeing the film he still didn't think what WG did was dirty and was going to go unpunished. What makes it worse is that Hollis was probably 100% behind Coach D, that whole A.D. is a joke.

Farmhouse Funk

October 20th, 2011 at 4:00 PM ^

But he punched someone and twisted a defensless and already tackled players helmet.

What this says to me is if you punch someone it is a one game suspension then you get all your other punches or personal fouls for free with no punishment.

He should have gotten at least 2 games for what he did.


October 20th, 2011 at 4:32 PM ^

It says that the only conduct that will get you a suspension is a punch. Facemask twists in the pile and body slams after the whistle aren't punishable offenses.

I'd like to think the B1G would at least have done something about Reynolds-Sorgi if Tressel hadn't, but we'll never know and I'm starting to wonder.


October 20th, 2011 at 5:05 PM ^

theoretically, he should get a 2 game suspension, one for each of those acts. i just had zero expectation of that happening, and i'm not really outraged about the system. getting suspended sends the message that his actions were unacceptable. that's the important thing.


October 21st, 2011 at 9:05 AM ^

Why is no one talking about the arm-bar on Lewan.  All anyone is talking about is the punch.  The punch is stupid and he should be suspended for it but the punch and the late hits happen in football and they were called.  What I don't understand is why the 2 plays that are most obviously trying to hurt Michigan players (Denard Facemask, Lewan Arm-bar) didn't get called and were not addressed in the suspension. 

Watch the video.  Gholston wraps his right arm around Lewan's and takes him to the ground and rolls his entire body weight onto Lewan's arm.  Pause at 48 sec.


October 20th, 2011 at 9:06 PM ^

...if five MSU players had simultaneously punched Lewan on one play, we would expect five suspensions. Gholston had one punch and two more egregious penalties...three suspensions worth.
<br>So, in the first case, is it okay if they just suspend one guy and call it time served for the other four?


October 20th, 2011 at 3:07 PM ^

it better be for the Wiscy game.  Also- only 1 game?  He should have gotten another game off for the facemask twist which was a deliberate attempt to injure


October 20th, 2011 at 3:12 PM ^

The Big Ten should explain its policy on these things.  All we have to go on right now judging from Mouton's suspension and Gholston's is "one dong punch = one punch to the face + one facemask twist + one attempted arm break."  That seems like some fuzzy math right there. 


October 20th, 2011 at 5:28 PM ^

On two of these three complaints, your players were more at fault. Lewan called him a racist name and rubbed his helmet in the dirt after the play, and had a blatant hold on the so called "arm bar" (which is coincidentally the most absurd claim I've ever seen. That was an obvious hold, five yards downfield, after the play had gone the opposite direction. If he didn't want to "break his arms", then DO NOT COMMIT A HOLDING PENALTY). The third complaint, the facemask twist, was done by members of your team multiple times during the game. I'm still waiting on Roundtree's suspension. And whoever that nobody was that punched the ND player in the mouth this year. Apparently ND fans didn't cry enough to get the B1G office to step in on that count.

El Jeffe

October 20th, 2011 at 9:04 PM ^

I'm assuming you meant "news" conference and I'm assuming that you meant RR's response to the Mouton "punch." And if I'm correct in those assumptions, then I'm certain that you are either a hopeless Spartyslappy, or mentally ill, or both.

First of all, the sneaky knucklebrush given by Mouton was nothing compared to the arm bar, the facemask twist, and the punch given by Gholston, any one of which was several orders of magnitude greater than what Mouton did. And in point of fact, Mouton did one thing while Gholston did three.

Second, while RR's brush off of Mouton's "punch" was probably more dismissive that most M fans would like, it was nothing compared to the willful and transparent stall tactics by Dantonio et al.

I mean, c'mon, man.

Kilgore Trout

October 20th, 2011 at 3:12 PM ^

The wording of the release was interesting.  I don't know if it's just boilerplate, but it read as kind of stinging towards MSU when they say that the Big Ten has imposed the suspension and that it is the responsibility of member institutions to enforce it.


October 20th, 2011 at 3:11 PM ^

When a player sells a jersey, they get a 4-5 game suspension.

When a player makes numerous attempts to injure other players, including throwing a punch and trying to break another player's neck, they get 1 game.

How does this make any sense?


October 20th, 2011 at 3:23 PM ^

It doesn't. But many punishsments in sports don't. Pete Rose banned from baseball for betting on games his team is involved in and Ty Cobb is the first consensus HOF despite punching a black woman and sharpening spikes to injure opponents. FWIW, I'm a Tigers fan and love Ty Cobb, this is just an example.


October 20th, 2011 at 3:21 PM ^

His punching Lewan is no big deal, as there was no way Lewan would be hurt by that. The issue is his trying to break Robinson's neck after the play had been blown dead and while Robinson was defenseless on the ground. Was that "provoked"?

It should have been 2 games at least, probably more like 5. What he did to Robinson was much, much worse than what those other guys were suspended for.