Gholston Listed as Starter / Suspension?

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Sorry for everyone sick of the MSU/Gholston talk. This just broke, and is relevant regardless of what some people will say. Gholston might be out because of the Michigan game, and him being out might hurt MSU which directly impacts Michigan in the division standings.

Anyways, on the Depth Chart released today, Tommy Gholston is listed as the starter. It appears that at the press conference today they'll be announcing that he was made a captain, or called a racial slur (which we know is untrue, but maybe Saint D saw a way out of of suspending his favorite defensive player by claiming this and is taking it).


LINK to news, not depth chart:!/mattcharboneau/status/126319468858191873



UPDATE: Apparently, MSU is looking into a possible infraction in which they were made aware of (maybe they didn't watch the game). Also, it looks like they're only looking at one play. I wonder if it's the punch or the helmet twist.

Bigger joke than I thought. They're basically downplaying the whole thing, saying it's possible & only one play. I just hope the Big Ten Offices aren't as blind & stupid about this whole thing. Either way, we'll find out soon as the Big Ten only gives teams a few days to announce either way before they make their own announcement.

UPDATE 2: "I wouldn't characterize it as dirty play, I would characterize it as reaction." -Mark Dantonio



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Well I haven't, but what I'm saying is there has to be other cases where players have aggresively twisted a players head with intent to injure.  Start there, then ratchet up the penalty for severity.  That becomes the new precedent for future cases.


I guess what I'm wishing for is consistency which I generally don't see from the B1G or NCAA (case in point Manny Harris' suspension for elbowing Kramer a couple of years ago versus other similar cases that received no suspension). 


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The University has 3 days to submit their report, and the Big 10 has 3 days after that to rule their findings. Its very possible the suspension may not come until early next week, which would be better. Face it, they are not beating Wisconsin. Losing Tom Gholson for the Nebraska game would hurt much worse.


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It says it all when MSU fans say being classless is a requisite to being on a football field. Little Brother was coined by Mike Hart. It sticks because you act like children. We complain? Don't worry MSU, even Michigan will defer to you in that department. The whole Big Ten does.


October 18th, 2011 at 1:08 PM ^ that the Hollis press release says MSU has been notified of  "a possible sportslike conduct violation," implying there's only one.


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Devil's advocate:

Let's say Lewan DID say something offensive and the punch was somehow justified (in pyscho Tom Gholson's mind only, of course).   How does TG then justify ripping the facemask of Denard?  Did Denard also slander Tom......while on the bottom of a pile....with 3 or 4 guys already ontop of him?  I think not.

Tom Gholson........


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I'm just appalled and ashamed at Dantonio's words. Reaction? What a horrible, Tressel-like role model for all the student-athletes who pass through. Let's take winning and losing out of the equation for a minute. If William Gholston was your kid, and someone called him a name at school (a big If), and he ended up punching the kid, what would you do? What would you expect the school to do? He gets suspended. No tolerance for that kind of response. As a parent, I would teach him that no matter what the other kid calls you, you don't respond with a punch. Ever. 


Really surprised at his lack of character on this one. With the Big Ten world watching, he had a chance to take the high road. Not that tough to do. But he took the weak man's way out. Blame it on the other guy.


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"I wouldn't characterize it as dirty play, I would characterize it as reaction."

Is this quote from Dantonio? Because it almost sounds like it is Mork Dan7onio.



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That is simply par for the Dantonio course.  He is one of those guys that we all know who looks worse and worse (dumber and dumber) each time he opens his mouth.  In the practice of law, we work hard to keep those clients' mouths closed and keep them off the stand.  No good can come from them opening their mouths.


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You've jumped to a conclusion, I think. The review isn't necessarily limited to one play. Hollis's quote was in response to a question about one specific play. He wasn't speaking broadly. He was just addressing that one incident. 


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but it seems like it might have been so this time I really am going to jump to a conclusion.

What I quoted from Hollis wasn't in response to any question at all--it's from an MSU press release, describing the notice they've received from the B1G.


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The proof is right on the video tape.  If he was or wasn't called a derogatory name is not really relevant considering it can't be proven, and even if he was called a name, that doesn't excuse a punch to the face.  MSU shows why they will always get no respect and they will always be little brother in our eyes.  Their conduct is bush league at best, and the sad thing is that the penalties were completely pointless.  They were dominating us and without the penalties could have beat us by more.  For their coaches to condone that type of behavior just shows how classless that whole university is.  Nuff Said.


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make a remix of the personal fouls to music yet? Like Trick Daddy's "I'm a thug" or even "Thuggish Ruggish Bone"? Would be rather amusing.
<br>We're not against tough football.
<br>We're not against tough football players.
<br>We're against those thugs.


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A comprehensive investigation of this matter is warranted, and we Michigan fans need to recognize the complexity of this situation.  High-definition video of a player intentionally jerking another player's facemask after the whistle sounds can be incredibly misleading.  We must avoid a rush to accuracy and accountability.  Indeed, if you watch the video closely, you'll notice Denard's head moved back and to the left, not down and to the right.  This conclusively establishes that Taylor Lewan called Gholston "Tom" from the grassy knoll.  That's one magic loogie, Jerry.


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"The lack of composure is frustrating, but we're not coaching that."

Un. Effing. Believable. 

"MSU issues a statement from AD Mark Hollis saying it has been notified of a "possible sportslike conduct violation."'

Thanks again for the laugh.  Have fun against the Reds and Whites, shorthanded or not.

I am very happy to root for Michigan, and look forward to all curbstomps you'll get.  From any team.

Thanks for the quotes.  I wonder how anyone can take Dantonio or Hollis seriously..



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“Obviously it was a very emotional game, but nothing will diminish the fact of how we played on Saturday in this big win for Michigan State,” Dantonio said.


“We are thoroughly reviewing the entire game and utilizing all of the available resources: coaches’ video from midfield and end zone cameras, TV copy as well as still photographs,” Hollis said in the statement. “Once the internal review is completed, we will forward a written report on to the Big Ten. The conference office won’t discuss a timeline for this process and neither will we.”


Gotta love sparty.  Or not.


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This is precisely why they will never be an elite national program. What a knob this guy is - neither he nor Hollis can see the big picture. At this point, it's comical to watch a program argue with definitive video evidence that every msm outlet has already seen and commented on. 


This is so not worth our time anymore. Let's all move on, shall we?


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I am going to guess Dantonio would classify it as dirty if some from Wisconsin punches Cousins in the throat on the first play and puts him out of the game.

NOLA Wolverine

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College Football Live alert.

William Gholston coverage. (Nevermind, don't watch it) 

Matt Milen is loving the nature that Gholston plays with. Somebody make sure Section 1 doesn't see this, he might die. 

Franz Schubert

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The arm bar Ghoulston performed on Lewan early in the game which resulted in injury was clearly an attempt to injure! There are 3 blatant, indefensible acts of thuggery by one player in one game. Is this not unprecedented? If im the MSU school president, this goon is no longer representing my university in any capacity.


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However, the Big 10 will.  The precedent is established.

Dantonio will issue a statement something like........

"Zero percent doesn't apply to players that are a product of the Detroi PSL.  Any disgressionary acts by these players can be attributed to the social disadvantages these players experienced and are therefore excusable.  This team is a family to them and I am their father figure.  I can't take that away." 

The minldess minions will eat it up and Dantonio can continue to save face with their primary in state recruiting focus.


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There was a third Gholston incident that did not get called, and another assault on Denard - If you watch early in the 4th quarter maybe about 11-12 minutes left? Gholston sacks Denard.  After Denard is clearly down for a few seconds, he pulls on the back of Denards pads, pulling Denard onto his neck and roll his hips over Denard - purposely trying to again hurt Denards neck.  Check the video yourself to see.


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Hang on. I have to get through all the clips of.him helping Denard up after a play because the o line failed him all day.

It's Wednesday. Lets move on.