Gholston Gone

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Breaking News from Spartan Nation: William Gholston Has Informed Mark Dantonio That He Is Entering the 2013 NFL Draft 



Things aren't looking good for MSU next year...



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Re: laptop controversy...they were just meeting university requirements, k.

Sims was just meeting his educational requirements (+/- $158 000)


Computer Requirement at Michigan State University


All undergraduate students at Michigan State are required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet using a high speed connection.


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Michigan will not be facing him again, both because he IS a fine player, and because--to often--he crossed the line into unsportsmanlike conduct. 


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I had thought they used Denzel Drone quite a bit as Gholston's backup, but I could be wrong. The point remains that this might be the easiet component to replace of the three who have left in the last 18 hours or so. Supposedly, they have a RS freshman - Shilique Calhoun - that they claim to see as the logical replacement as well, but obviously, a lot of unknowns there in terms of ceiling for him. If the Spartans feel this anywhere next year, it might be in the areas of TFL and sacks, where Gholston still contributed about 20% of each for for them. In combination with other losses, Narduzzi may have to design a secret blitz that requires no pass rushing, of course.


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Johnny Adams at CB, Norman at LB, Hoover and White at DT, Gholston
McDonald and Fonoti on the OL
Sims at TE and Bell at RB
Dan Conroy at kicker

O should be very poor, worse than this year.  They still have the core of a good D with Rush, Bullough, Denicos Allen, I.Lewis and Dennard.  But not as good as this year


Ali G Bomaye

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Vernon was actually productive in college, and only flopped once his pharmaceutical tendencies started to be scrutinized in the NFL.

Tom was never productive.  Even if you're a physical freak, you won't do much in college if you loaf around on the majority of plays.  NFL scouts watch for that kind of thing.


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With Sims, Bell, and Gholston gone, what impact does that have on Bullough & Dennard? MSU is really lucky that they seem to have held on to Narduzzi, because if he left too it could be completely back breaking to this team.


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Should have boxed the Sparty exodus trifecta rather than playing it straight.  My losing ticket had Bell announcing 1st, Ghoston 2nd, and Sims 3rd. 



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It's honestly a good idea for him to leave this year.  He'll be drafted in the mid rounds on potential.  If he stayed another year and had another lackluster performance, he may not be drafted at all.  


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the exact same thing.  Better to be a 4th/5th round guy now, than a FA next year.  On the other hand, staying and finishing a degree so you can actually contribute to society at some point in your life isn't a bad idea either.  But of course, that concept is lost on a lot of good college athletes.