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I am sticking with JBB at RT and Will Hart doing the punting. I saw that Brandon Justice opened a Q&A on his new website and thought I would mention it. He has been very good with the late camp info. I'm not sure if there is a lot we don't know right now, but just like everyone else, if he has something new I want to hear it.



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If you get that feeling when football and basketball seasons come around, then wait 'til you learn about ESPN's John Buccigross's picks in his NCAA Men's Hockey Pre-September Top 16. LINK  (HINT:  Charles Woodson will like where Michigan is projected.) 

#CawlidgeHawkey PreSeptember Top 16
1 Minnesota-Duluth
2 Michigan
3 Ohio State
4 Providence
5 Princeton
6 Boston University
7 Western Michigan
8 St. Cloud
9 Penn St
10 Notre Dame
11 Clarkson
12 NDakota
13 Minnesota St
14 UMass
15 Union
16 BC

— Bucci Mane (@Buccigross) August 29, 2018


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Hope JBB comes out mauling and with a re-dedication to pass pro... and that Runyan can hold up at LT long enough to keep Shea relatively clean and open some holes for Karan & Chris!


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I think JBB is going to impress.  He wants to play on Sundays and this is his year to prove he's up to the task.  He stayed back from the summer trip to focus and he's slimmed down to 320.  Fingers crossed he ends up ++ as a run blocker and average in pass pro, and holds onto that RT spot.

The Fugitive

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I'm terrified the offense will poop itself, that's the only thing keeping me from predicting a two-score victory.

But then again Shea has been around the program much longer than Rudock was, back in the winter IIRC so he's had much more time to assimilate.  I think Jim knows this is statement game and will have a sneaky-clever game plan suited for Shea.  ND has no clue what the offense will look like so that is clearly to Michigan's advantage.


Sten Carlson

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This ^^^ sans the, “terrified” part.  

Patterson has big game experience, has built chemistry with the WR’s, TE’s and RB’s, and not to be overlooked, Ruiz at Center.  Add to that Harbaugh & Co. on the offensive side of the ball having ALL spring and summer to plan the offense around Patterson’s game.  ND is scrambling to find Ole Miss film, hoping against hope that Harbaugh just swiped their playbook — oh wait, Ole Miss DIDN’T HAVE A PLAYBOOK!  

Nobody, especially not ND, has any idea what this Michigan offense is going to look like.  So, yes, that will play to Michigan’s advantage.  But beyond the surprise factor, I really believe this offense is going to turn heads around the nation.  Obviously, Patterson is a huge factor in that, but so is the addition of the new coaching staff, and perhaps most importantly, Harbaugh’s willingness/ability to self critique and adapt.  I think the coaching changes reflect that on the whole, but what each coach brings to the planning cannot be over stated.  Harbaugh reviewed last year’s failure, decided to change, got his QB, got the coaches who can implement a different style of offense, and he’s going to unleash it upon the nation, with opening act tomorrow night in South Bend.