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Submitted by Ziff72 on November 27th, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Ok I promise this is my last post of the night, but everyone on here is such a debbie downer it is just depressing.  We spent the last 3 well really 6 years(minus the 06 season until we played OSU) taking a lot of shit.  Well it's time for other teams to start taking some from us.

We have a top 10 offense returning 19 of 22 on the 2 deep and a Heisman candidate who is completing his 1st year as a starter.  We will be dominant on offense next year.  45 pt a game avg as a minimum.   

The defense will be much better.  Did you see the Spartan defense last year?  Tex A&M?  They were just as bad as we are now.   You will not recognize the freshmen next year.  The Dline will be a beast and with the game Demens put together today I feel very good about him next year.

The special teams feature freshmen at every key position,  they will be better.  The coverage units will feature less walk ons since we have actual depth now and will be better.

We won 7 games with a horrible TO margin, walk ons and frosh's in the secondary and key injuries all over the place.

I see people on here wary of SDSU and Northwetern...FUCK Em.  They will be bombed into oblivion.  Iowa...dead.....Niedermeyer..dead......wait what  oh I lost track.    The schedule is set up for sucess 10-0 heading into home dates against Nebraska and OSU is very doable.  We'll probably slip up somewhere we'll still be young on d, but this is not 08 or 09 people.   Lift your heads out of the sand it is all right to come out now.  Mich is back and we're not backing down to anyone anymore,  this was the last game where we will be overmatched.  It ended today.  Rejoice.




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100 New Mexico 12 1980 3040 873 5020 5.8 418.3
101 Western Michigan 12 2150 2886 845 5036 6.0 419.7
102 Tulane 12 2495 2579 804 5074 6.3 422.8
103 New Mexico State 13 2869 2638 875 5507 6.3 423.6
104 Troy 13 1791 3728 937 5519 5.9 424.5
105 Texas A&M 13 2231 3311 934 5542 5.9 426.3
106 Eastern Michigan 12 3322 1801 748 5123 6.8 426.9
107 Idaho 13 2020 3615 868 5635 6.5 433.5
108 Florida State 13 2668 2981 837 5649 6.7 434.5
109 San Jose State 12 3110 2205 796 5315 6.7 442.9
110 UTEP

MSU was not in the 100's but FSU and Tex A&M were.  MSU was shredded by Minnesota so they still qualify.


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A&M was 77th in DFEI last season, which I think is a better measure.  From last season to this season they went from 0.132 to -0.452.  A similar improvment would put Michigan's defense (who was at 0.301 this year) somewhere in the twenties nationally.  I think we could all settle for that, no?

Note: I jotted down all these numbers on Wednesday, so they don't include the A&M/UT game or the M/OSU game.


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I got your back bro, people around here are just beat up after what happened today!  People are saying we need to recruit size!  We have size!  It is just very young!  Ash checks in at over 300lbs, Q Washington over 300, MM is around 300, RVB around 300, Roh will put on 10-15 more to be about 285, Black is going to put on weight.  Demens is gonna be very good, TWolf will be back.  There is no way this defense gets worse, in fact it will be much better. The offense will be stellar, and I feel we are going to have a fun year next fall. 


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The defense can only improve with Big Play Ray, Avery, Carvin and the rest of our young secondary getting another 15 practices. Yes, I'm talkin' bout practice, man. These guys will get another year of S & C and next fall will look like, well, fcuk, Sophomores. Experienced Sophomores. I am hoping that a new regime occurs on defense (even GERG's hair and Superbowl rings won't save him). The offense will be pretty damn nasty. Taylor Lewan with experience in hating donkeys and Omameh being himself.

Maybe it's the beer but I can see this thing working out well next autumn.


November 28th, 2010 at 12:37 AM ^

After getting hammered by 30? C'mon, I am the eternal optimist about M football but it will take a while before I can rationalize that position.