Gerry Dinardo: "Jim Harbaugh is all over the map"

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Comments originated from an interview with a Nebraksa radio station:

“I think Jim’s kind of all over the map,” DiNardo says.

When pressed on his “all over the map” description of Harbaugh, DiNardo makes valid points.

“Well, what offense is he going to run? Who’s calling the plays?” DiNardo asks. “Is (Ole Miss transfer quarterback) Shea Patterson, who’s a spread guy — are they going to put Shea into the pro formation or are they going to take the pro formation and make it a spread formation for Shea?”

Michigan often has been a mess at quarterback since 2015, Harbaugh’s first season there.

What’s more, “They’ve had how many different co-offensive coordinators?” DiNardo says. “Who’s doing what? I mean, it’s a pretty simple question: Who’s calling the plays? Except that’s not a simple question in Ann Arbor. The answer is convoluted. …

“I was on the sideline and watched the Outback Bowl,” he adds, referring to Michigan’s 26-19 loss to an 8-4 South Carolina team. “It doesn’t look like a well-oiled machine to me."

I mean, just take it from a guy with a 59-76 head coaching record



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It seems easy to take pot shots at Harbaugh given last year's record and it certainly gets the clicks from pro- and anti-Michigan folks.  All over the map could also be a good thing:  it means he is harder to plan against.  But, whatever, people are going to keep writing these things unti we have an outstanding season.


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“but the consensus prediction from almost everyone before the 2017 season was...8-4”

If by almost everyone you mean everyone but the coaches poll that had Michigan ranked 9th and the AP poll which ranked Michigan 11th at the start of 2017 then maybe your statement wouldn’t be embarrassingly inaccurate.

Hail Harbo

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Based on one returning starter on defense, not the relative collapse of the offense.  Let's not go all revisionist now. 

This time last year Michigan was sitting pretty at the QB position with a returning starter, an experienced starter in his fifth year, and a young maverick RS Freshman QB pushing the upperclassmen.  The OL would be put right because Drevno and with returning experience at the RB position, a stable of talented TEs, a freshman head turner at WR and a returning starter at WR meant that the offense should have been every bit as good in 2017 as it was in 2016.

  And, here's the important part, Michigan had a relatively easy schedule in 2017 with MSU and OSU at home.  This was the consensus this time last year, the young and inexperienced defense would be Michigan's limiting factor.


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Yes... the National coaches who don’t know Michigan’s roster, the turnover, or what the team was bringing back.

The coaches poll is the biggest farce in sports. They don’t have time to watch other teams play or study their teams (unless they’re playing them of course). They have no idea who to rank in what spot.

A large portion of people here, who actually know the team really well, saw what we were losing from the year before, saw how young we were, and saw the schedule. 8-4/9-3 was the overwhelming majority of predictions. It was uglier than most people expected, but the prediction was spot on for most.


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harbaugh took over a train wreck (sure, he had some experienced talent) and got the arrow pointing back up.  not there yet though.  and im sure hed be the first to admit that - when your goals remain winning conference / national championships, beating your rivals, winning bowl games, etc, theyve put together some good to very good seasons without achieving what hed likely consider outstanding or truly successful seasons


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I mean... he’s not wrong. He could even add to that if he wanted. There were at least half a dozen missed holding calls (including the previous play that set up 4th and short) and OSU was getting away with pass interference all day, including two of the more blatant pass interferences I have ever seen go uncalled.

Fact is, the officiating in that game was attrocious and very clearly slanted in OSU’s favor. A competent officiating crew and Michigan wins. Make the correct call on 4th down, and Michigan wins. I truly hate blaming officiating, but the past few years it has looked like Michigan has to be better than OSU AND the officials to win that game.


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We did have fucking good luck in the Iowa game.. We picked off their dogshit QB with what like 2 minutes left in the game?


All we had to do was get a first down and our coaching staff couldn't scheme up 3 plays to get 10 yards..


The offensive staff has been an utter trainwreck from the Brady hoke era on.


I don't see it getting better until proven otherwise..  

snarling wolverine

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On that series, Speight threw a good pass up the sideline to Darboh, but Darboh uncharacteristically dropped it.

There was another pass in the 4th quarter that hit Chesson in the hands and got picked off.

I don't know what Harbaugh was thinking, calling the "dropped pass" play twice.  Gotta question the playcalling.



May 14th, 2018 at 1:22 AM ^

Dude, no... None of what you said is accurate at all. That sideline pass to Darboh wasn't a bad pass but it was not a drop. It was a covered route that the defender got his hand on and deflected it.

The interception to Chesson was thrown behind Chesson so he had to stop his route and try fighting off the defender, he lost. But if that was thrown in front of Chesson to the sideline where it was supposed to be its a surefire completion.

Darboh got severly underthrown twice (once might have been Chesson, I can't remember) and overthrown twice as well on plays where he burnt his DB. But I don't know what Harbaugh was thinking calling the "throw shitty deep balls" play four times.




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then why don't you compare Harbaugh's Michigan record against

Bowl Games

Pay close attention to whether the team was ranked . . .

vs. the games against Purdue, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, etc.?

Michigan HAS lost more "big" games than they have won.  In fact, they've lost MOST of them!  

You can still like Harbaugh AND be able to do simple math.