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Guys, GERG did not succeed because he did not have full support here at Michigan. He had empty cupbords and the Freep article and even Vince Lombardi couldn't have made that defense good because it had empty cupboards. If only he would have had one more year we would have been 14-0 last year because it takes time to more than 2 years to learn a new defense.  Lloyd Carr didn't want him to succeed, and spread offense will score more points, so it will give up more points too, and if manball we are doomed! If only he would have had 1 more year the defense would have been good because the stuffed animals would have worked and the players would have more experience. You can't expect results from a defensive co-ordinator in his first year, or even this second. It's year 5 that matters. So in 5 years Texas will be good defense.


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As long as GERG isn't running a 3-3-5 he has no clue how to run, he might be decent at worst.

The real positive is that those kids will now experience a fuzzy beazer (longhorn?) rubbed in their face.


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Probably because they gave up 550 yards rushing to BYU and Mack Brown needed a sacrificial lamb, Diaz. There's no way in hell to get a decent DC mid season, so you have to promote from within, and GERG was an analyst on staff at UT. Coaching is a good 'ol boys club, and both have worked with each other in the past.


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As far as Greg Robinson is concerned, until his time at Michigan, he's had a good reputation as a DC. Syracuse isn't an easy place to win at recently (I think they are a top 25 program all time by some metrics IIRC).


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Tell that to my next-door neighbor, a diehard KC Chiefs fan. Robinson's craptastic defenses under Dick Vermeil got him fired, even though he and Vermeil were good friends.

From 1980 through 1988, Terry Donahue had compiled nine straight winning seasons as HC at UCLA, winning 9 games or more six times, winning four conference championships, winning seven straight bowl games, including three Rose Bowls, and was the strongest program in the PAC 10 at the time. He then elevates Gerg to DC in 1989, and UCLA promptly goes 3-7-1.

Robinson was the de facto DC at Syracuse, and they had the worst four-year stretch in program history.

RR sealed his doom when he selected Robinson to be his DC, a decision that will puzzle me forever.


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You can't hire someone at gunpoint, you have to find someone willing to take the job. In RR's case word was out about what had happened to Shafer--the DC wouldn't have full control, would have to work with RR's set of position coaches, would have to run a 3-3-5 come hell or high water and would be the one to take the fall when the defense failed. In Brown's case he has to make a midseason hire from the ranks of the unemployed, and the new guy isn't really going to have time to get that crappy defense fixed but he's going to get full blame for the results.

Robinson's perfect both times. His career is over and he doesn't have to care if the move is bad for his reputation. He's just happy to get to be around the game. It's sort of the same service to the profession John L. is serving at this point in his career.