Georgia becoming threat to M for Nico Collins: and what is up with Georgia?

Submitted by wolverine1987 on January 5th, 2017 at 4:28 PM

Small note from 24/7 that Georgia is challenging late for Nico Collins. But my larger question is, WTF is up with Georgia? They are recruiting at gangbuster levels with Smart this year, rated ahead of our class and in contention for more high level recruits--was Smart known as a great recruiter at Bama or is it someone else on the staff?…





Ronnie Kaye

January 5th, 2017 at 5:29 PM ^

Who would want to hear your commentary? You repeat trite, cliched phrases that aren't even appropriate for the situation you're discussing. You have no wit, no edge, no insight. Just stop posting. You aren't cut out for it.


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Add Long to that list also. High four star, good kid from Cali.. I just wrote on another blog about seeing how this finishes. My bet is the negative nellies may even be a little happier than they are know. We grabbed the other tight end out of the blue right at the end and he is from the powerhouse school slaton goes to, just cant remember the name at the moment. I think things are going to come together pretty good for the maize and blue. Go Blue!!.


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I think it's tempting to look at it like that but when it's big time guys choosing between multiple schools at the final gun, your odds are never great. We're especially trying to land multiple out of state guys against two heavyweights in the south (Bama, UGA) so it's tougher

IIRC we landed David Long, Lavert Hill, Kekoa Crawford, Asiasi and Gary at the whistle last year. That's a good haul


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Their taking over where Mississippi left off. They are going over all our recruits and the ones they believe they can bagman they will simply take them away from us. Alabama is another story they are becoming bad for college football. It isn't much fun for teams to say they won the national title by coming in second to Bama, It should take weeks and months to flip a recruit and in 24 hrs Najee has decided that he wants to go to Bama again

They recruit the best and get them and why not they have it better than anyone. They have the best of all facilities bagman with one call. New cars for recruits, whatever they want they have it for them. Women just a call away probably meet you in your room. Agents, the field was never level just read Bo's first book if you think I am talking about something new. It is so bad now because if you were to police it you would have a whole bunch of teams going down which is bad for college football too.


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Remember when Kentucky was recruiting really well (by their standards) for a year or two when one of the Stoops took over? Well turns out Kentucky still sucks and it trailed off but the hype carried them.

Georgia has always recruited well but I'm sure the hype and hope with Kirby Smart (and maybe the cash) is big time right now. They'll come back to earth in a year or two I'd imagine


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Very fertile state where there is not much competition for their in-state recruits (LEcounte, Gibbs, Holloman) but also recruits are actively recruiting others


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so right there they have a huge leg up on a lot of people since they have no other in-state competition (sorry Yellow Jackets), plus there's a litany of talent in adjacent states. We're trying to pull multiple guys from across the country. Georgia has a much easier job


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Someone posted here that they have had a top 12 class for about the past 10 years.   As for Collins, he announced a visit to Athens was going to happen a few days ago.  The only thing that surprises me about Georgia is that it has taken this long for them to get back to being relevant (and they still aren't)