[George Campbell decommits]

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This is a rumor on another site (I have no access to premium content). Mods, please delete if I'm out of line, I don't want to violate the site rules and I really agree with Brian's thoughts on how we need to treat commits / recruits / kids.


With that said, rumor is that a big 2015 commit is waivering. We may need to brace ourselves for a decommit. Hopefully, Michigan fans will keep their collective cool and not lose their shit.


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Also some of the recruiting guys on Twitter, linked below.



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So the board can review, other notable programs in the mix included:

- Auburn

- Clemson

- Florida State

- Georgia

- Notre Dame 

- Ohio State

- Texas A&M

- West Virginia

The full list of potential destinations is here - (LINK). It is still early in his recruitment and we are still not excluded by any means, of course, but regardless of circumstances I don't fault a kid who is more or less just getting his driver's license and who has about a quarter of FBS schools offering him for exploring options. He could still be Blue in the end, but wherever he lands, hopefully he lands in the best situation for him. 

Maize and Blue…

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  To wonder if the Uncle who "prodded" him to decommit, perhaps received a "financial inducement" to get him to do so from one of the above schools, or somebody associated with one of the schools, or am I just getting overly cynical in my old age? Like they always say,        " Follow the money."


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The real question is whether or not Michigan is still a contender for his services? Is this a decommit and still interested situation or a decommit and eliminated situation?


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If he were a 2014 kid, this would be really awful news this late in the game. But he's 2015. Plenty of time to identify other options or for him to come back around. Given Hoke's policy of "no visits" and Campbell's desire to look around, a decommitment was necessary. It certainly decreases the likelihood of us landing him, but I think a decommitment would be a far more damning development if we were like most schools that do allow verbal commits to look around.

Certainly respect his right to weigh all options before making his decision. Still would love to see him suit up at Michigan.



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Who knows what's going on but his uncle is his handler n I bet some shady programs have offered him something in return for Campbell's commitment but this is IMO only.   But I thought Campbell was gonna be the lead recruiter like ferns or something?

MGJS SuperKick Party

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Good luck to him! im not going to roast a kid who is making the biggest decision of his life thus far. I hope he finds what he is looking for, either here or elsewhere.

Good news is that Jabrill is 100% Blue! Its the great part about recruiting, even if one decommits there is always someone who wants to play here. 


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He still may join the class, but if he feels the need to look around it is really hard to begrudge him that.  

I doubt the door will shut and the good guys may still come out on top here, let's take a deep breath and take the long view, there's still over a year until he would have signed.

Either way best of luck to hiom wherever he ends up as long as it isn't Ohio St. or Bama.

Victor Valiant

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Yup, definitely being blown up on twitter right now. Wilton Speight tweeted out to the fans that he wants them to respect his decision and so our class. I love Speight. Seems wise beyond his years.


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I'm more worried about next year's performance on the field. Hoke has been recruiting very well but you are not going to be able to continue to pull elite level recruits with a 7-5/8-4 record. Take care of business on the field next year and the recruits will follow.


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Kids ranked that high from that far away are a risk. I never really figured Campbell would end up a Wolverine. Not with him being in SEC country.


I'm cutting ties with the kid if I'm UM. No reason to waste time and resources on a kid who probably will end up at FSU anyways.


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He could be, or much more likely he could be a pretty good collegiate WR because generally recruit rankings play out on the field. So it would be unwise of the coaches to cut ties because of some petty, childish feeling of getting slighted by a fucking 17 year old kid who isn't falling all over himself to play for a goddamn 7 win Big 10 team.