George Campbell and Mason Cole = Humble Michigan Men

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on September 7th, 2013 at 8:03 AM
Just congratulated them for joining the Michigan family. Very humble and courteous. Coached against these kids last year. Both are very big and the fit the future of our program to a T. Big fast and physical. Its truly awesome to see the Michigan brand at work and these two kids should have a great impact on our program. This is a Michigan plane if ive ever seen one lol. Go blue! P.S. both are dressed out head to toe in maize and blue....naturally!



September 7th, 2013 at 10:43 AM ^

It may be a little premature to label them Michigan Men but I appreciate the optimistic outlook.

And I don't believe the OP's conficence is misplaced.  Some of us (Brian? lol) had our doubts when Hoke was named head coach of our storied program, understandably so.  I know he didn't fit the profile of what I thought the ideal candidate should be (shows you how smart I am).

I envisioned a Bill Belichick/Bill Walsh hybrid, very cerebral, with a track record for fielding stifling defenses like our '97 squad.  I wanted someone who at the same time, could build an offensive juggernaut that would throw caution to the wind and dominate with aggressive play-calling and shrewd creativity.  My Maize and Blue soul was seeking carthisis of the pain of watching our typically significant talent advantage wasted by a way-too-conservative game plan.  I desired a football genius to make those years a distant memory.

Brady Hoke's unbridled passion and tremendous (using one of his favorite words) devotion and love for all things Michigan totally trumps every other consideration.  When you add to that his ability to recruit like-minded coordinators like recruiter and DC extraordinaire GMatt and Gorgeous Al, (getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off, a la Good to Great" by Collins) you have the foundation for a successful program.

Add to that the fatherly care and genuine compassion for the young men in the program or family (Real recognize Real) and their commitment to the same (“How about you coach them as hard as you can for as long as you have them,” Mattison yelled back tersely. “YOU GIVE THEM EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!!  ...that’s why you don’t go to Ohio State...”), is awesome.

I"m so excited about the trajectory of our program.


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A little off topic here...

I was driving West on I-94 yesterday about 5'ish and saw 4 big buses that appearred to have a Michigan State police escourt.  This was just West of Ann Arbor.  I was in route to Win Shulers in Marshall and they didn't disappoint.

4 buses seemed like alot for 50 some players, but maybe ND travels with more??  In my Day of DII football we travelled with 52 - 55 players.