Gelen Robinson class of 2014

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75 tackles, 26 tackles for loss, nine sacks, 28 hurries, four pass deflections and three fumble recoveries. He also had two blocked punts that were returned for scores.  *stats from Rivals*

The younger brother of Glen Robinson III sounds like a real stud on the football field.  He also won his weight class in wrestling, at what sounds like a state district or regional tournament.  He said he hasn't talked to a lot of colleges yet, but he does like Michigan.  I'm not sure what division St John Lake Central is in football in Indiana, but those are pretty impressive stats for a soph.  I'm sure we'll be hearing his name a lot.



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When I was a student, his dad almost became a FabFiver. He said that he'd have went to Michigan instead of Purdue had he known Webber and Rose would commit. Granted that Ray Jackson already committed and it'd have been the Fab Six then, I guess. 

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Summer of '92.   I was at the IM Bldg all the time shootin' around.  Voskuil was always there.  I think you dunked on me, I punched you in the nuts, and we scuffled a bit.   No harm, though.   I respect your game.


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from the "8 billion free websites"? No, the OP just reposted someone else's paywalled work. And 8 billion websites? Really? As of today there are 8.31 billion websites, I doubt 8 billion of them are dedicated to college football recruiting.


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Please show me a comment, from every day, where I'm bitching. Is your self-esteem really that low? That the moment some guy online says that you stole information from a paywalled article you start crying? Don't act like you're on the higher moral ground when you're most obviously not. Next time, just don't steal it.


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Robinson is currently 44-4 as a sophmore at the 220lbs weight class in Indiana and will be wrestling in the individual high school state championship this Friday and Saturday.  Indiana does not have a class wrestling system and takes 16 wrestlers per weight class to state.  Robinson is currently ranked 3rd in the state at 220.  3 of his 4 losses have been to the #1 ranked wrestler.  He does have one victory against over the #1.  As a former wrestler and life long Indiana high school wrestling fan, I can tell you that it is not common to see a 10th grader ranked this high in a weight class that is normally dominated by seniors.   If you would like to watch Gelen wrestle this weekend, go to  They broadcast the entire Indana state championship.  Gelen should wrestle late in the evening on Mat 4. 

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Good lord, trying to find a website that has individual state rankings for wrestling is painful.  My cousin wrestles at Perry Meridian, and I was curious where he was ranked this year.  I know he didn't make it as far as he was expected to after his club wrestling season, but I still wanted to find more info on him.