GBW feeling good about cooper?

Submitted by ish on January 27th, 2011 at 10:25 AM

Scout's Eugene Hankerson tweeted that he feels good about "this one" and I think he's talking about Darian Cooper, but it isn't clear.  Can anyone with access to Scout premium confirm?  Because everyone else seems to think that while Cooper is visiting, we don't have a good shot.  Landing Cooper would be a huge coup, pardon the pun, b/c we desperately need a DT.



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I just commented on that fact on another thread,  This would be a huge accomplishment for this staff.  Like you said we need a True DT in this class, and hope it is a stud like Cooper.

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It appears that Countess already took his official, so unless his family has extra cash around to buy a last minute plane ticket or wants to make a long shitty drive in the winter, it doesn't seem feasible for him to make the trip.

Apparently Cooper is driving in with his mom so she can make the trip with him.  (Michigan is not allowed to buy his mom a plane ticket).


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Rivals had this to say about Cooper ($)...


Not much to go on, but when I look at the B1G schools we are competing with and the up-tick  in U of M's popularity (thanks in large part to GERG2 and Hokeus Pokeus) I can't help but think that AA is a better fit than Iowa or MSU.


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God damnit everyone it's OMM (Old Man Mattison).  The fact that Tim used GERG2 in his post yesterday made me vomit.  All mentions of GERG shall die from here on, agreed?


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It's hard to build "pipeline" when the current recruiting class has to be secured. 

Or to paraphrase the master of mixed Metaphore, Drew "treading water at the door of opportunity" Sharp, I'll worry if we burn our bridges while targeting certain players rather than building pipelines


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I feel the opposite. They seemed to have targeted guys in talent rich areas. Willingham's HS in Colorado is a huge talent producer, Hoke went out to Cali and Texas to keep his name alive out west and he went after Clark and possibly Cardale Jones from Glenville. He's also establishing a lot of relationships locally.  Guys like Clark and Willingham are good players who I'd like to sign, but I don't think they were picked coincidentally. There were other guys out there.


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Any word on Ray Drew?  I think I heard he's going to throw people for a surprise. I know the old staff showed some interested, but didn't make the right connection w/ him.  It'd be awesome if Mattison can step that snake oil up a notch and pull this one in!


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"Also noteworthy, DT Darian Cooper has been talking to Michigan commit Delonte Hollowell recently. Built a friendship at the Big House BBQ"