Gattis and his possible recruiting impact for 2019 and 2020

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Unfortunately, there's a Penn State fan in my office. But it's been fun to gloat about the win this year and he's been insightful on how Gattis did in Happy Valley. The first thing he mentioned was how great of a recruiter he was and how big of a drop there was in their receivers this year after he left.

He also said to watch out for 5 Star WR Julian Fleming. Fleming is the #1 WR for 2020 and is #5 overall. He is from Pennsylvania which Gattis is obviously familiar with. Gattis is also the main guy who's been recruiting Fleming for Alabama.

A lot of people are mentioning Keilan Robinson as a potential flip from Bama, especially since Gattis was his main recruiter for Bama. But I would watch out for Fleming in 2020 as a possibility. When you consider that DPJ may be leaving early (and who knows with Collins or Black depending on how they play next year), the outside WR position will be a position of need for 2020. 

I can only dream of the possibility of having Cornelius Johnson and Julian Fleming split out wide in the future. 

NOTE: Michigan has already offered Fleming with Pep Hamilton as his main recruiter. 


Blue in Paradise

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I know you are being sarcastic - but calling a recruit once or twice a month actually seems appropriate in terms of polite society.

I remember reading once that Urbz called/texted recruits like 4-5 times per day.  I actually got stalked by a woman for a month or so (true story) and she was contacting me less frequently than that.

I get that it worked for Urbz as he is a GOAT candidate when it comes to recruiting but I needed to take a shower after reading that.


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I'm sure Pep will still help (i.e. send Fleming a text) recruit him, but Gattis will be the main recruiter now.

I expect recruiting will pick up on the offense. Our defensive staff was 10X better than the offensive staff at recruiting.


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It's not like defensive coaches only recruit defensive players. There's a point person for each recruit and then they would still be in communication with their position coach, coordinator and HC. Partridge helped recruit Trente Jones and Sherrone Moore was a big recruiter for Dax Hill and Mazi Smith. I think our best recruiters were Partridge and Washington, but Jay Harbaugh and Sherrone Moore are good too. Mattison is a quality recruiter as well. Gattis is going to be a quality recruiter and hopefully one of our defensive position recruiters is a quality recruiter too. I think our defensive coaches were better recruiters, but that's mostly because Partridge is the best recruiter on our staff by far IMO


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There's a reason for this though. I remember reading how it's easier to put your talented recruiters who weren't as experienced as coaches on the defensive side than it is on the offensive side.  The story was about the reason there weren't as many black OC's as DC's. Starts when they are young, QB's and former QB's usually get OC jobs, and OC's historically got HC jobs more than defensive guys. When kids are younger, a black athlete that was good enough to play qb was also likely a really good rb or receiver, whereas the white player was usually kept at QB. 


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That's a huge reach, but a nice injection of race into a totally inappropriate discussion. Our offensive recruiting sucked this last cycle because Pep (our black defacto OC) is a terrible recruiter and Mcelwain didn't bother trying on his one-year layover. That left only Jay, Warinner (a guy who wasn't a "good recruiter" at OSU), and Moore out there getting recruits. 

Our two good early classes featured (also black) Wheetley as the team's #1 recruiter (and top five in the B1G). 

Our current (probably now former) offensive staff wasn't set up to recruit well. Now we have Gattis (maybe swapping in for Pep) and Mcelwain replaced with a younger guy. Offensive recruiting will improve a lot. 


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It took me three reads to understand what you're trying to say, but now I get it. I was talking about Warinner, not Jay. The big knock on Warinner at OSU (besides being a bad OC) was that he's not an elite recruiter. Now, in this last cycle, he's one of the best offensive recruiters on our staff - not good. 

He should move to the back of the pack in the next couple cycles as Gattis (and hopefully Ben) takes off. 


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Sure, just seems to me that guys like Partridge, Brown, Washington, and Mattison were better recruiters than those on the offensive side of the ball. At least those were the names that you hear more often than not over the years. 

I didn't do a complete check before making my post, but maybe its more even than I thought? All I am saying is that our ace recruiter on our team is Partridge, agree? He is on the defensive side of the ball. We also had Brown and just recently Washington, they were pretty big for us. I think (hope) that with Gattis track record, we will have that ace recruiter on the offensive side of the ball. 


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That's pure assumption. Drevno interviewed for other jobs for 2 years before taking a job at USC. Pep also has been interviewing for jobs for 2 years now. If Harbaugh really does push coaches out than why in the hell would he wait multiple seasons to do so? 


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than why in the hell would he wait multiple seasons to do so? 

"Then", not "than", and that's a valid question. Look at the timing of Warinner coming on. Do you think he gave up an OL coaching job to come to Michigan as an Analyst? Of course not. He came to replace Drevno, who eventually had to accept a demotion at USC after looking for a lateral or HC gig for two years. 

It's the same deal with Pep. He's been looking for a similar job, not getting any interest, and his replacement is now on staff. He's either going to accept whatever job he can get, or he's getting fired. 

Mr Miggle

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I'm trying to follow this. Drevno was here for 3 seasons. Was Harbaugh supposedly trying to push him out after one, but it took two more years? Makes no sense. I don't recall Drevno interviewing for other jobs after his first season. His interviewing for a HC job at WMU tells us nothing except that would be a promotion he would take.

When he did leave, it came after he was demoted and had nothing at all comparable lined up. Warinner was already on staff. Drevno was clearly pushed out, but there's no indication Harbaugh wanted to do it earlier.

I think I'm agreeing with you.


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and how big of a drop there was in their receivers this year after he left.

If I remember correctly, Gattis was the guy everyone hoped would take over the PSU offense when Moorhead left. He was very well liked in those circles. 


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Gattis is obviously going to have a positive impact on the recruiting from the offensive side. If he can get Myles "back" and bring in Gentry, get "Mookie" in Maize N Blue, get Fleming and the Missouri City QB...make further inroads into SEC and Texas country-this will be another step in the right direction.

Booted Blue in PA

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you have a psu fan in your office...... I'm surrounded by them. 

at the shop,

every traffic stop,

at the bar, 

in my car.

Fortunately they're considerably more tolerable than sharty fans and those bucknut wearing neanderthals



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on a side note, what's up with recruiting at Oak Park MI?

UM had one recruit from that school recently whereas others from Oak Park chose SEC schools or ND. Not like MSU has better networking with the school and out recruiting UM at the school either.

Oak Park has 3 top 10 MI recruits for 2020 (#1, #2 and #10) and none of them seem to be very high on UM as of now.

Oak Park FB coach has roots from down south?