Gator Bowl confirms Michigan-Mississippi State matchup

Submitted by um09inohio on December 5th, 2010 at 6:02 PM

Per the Gator Bowl's official website.


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I don't think so, I mean, yes, it's a tragedy that he died. But I don't think that instantly means his was in bad taste, especially considering it was "death to the Bulldogs" without anything in reference to an individual player or making light of cancer.

If you still disagree, I think you may be a little too sensitive and should beware of most blog websites. Just MHO.


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I honestly have no idea what to expect of this match-up. I was happy to see Miss State doing well this season, but I never watched em play. I saw some stats on here earlier that suggested they were pretty solid against the run, but with 5 weeks to heal up here's hoping that Denard and co. can blow right past them.


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Miss State is a very good team.  Yes, they have four losses, but look who they are to: Auburn, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama.  All of those are teams currently in the Top 15 in the AP Poll (Top 18 in Coaches).  They lost by a TD to Arkansas and only a FG to Auburn.  This will be a true test to see just how well the coaches can prepare the team with a month to do it.  We saw Michigan play great against UConn, I hope they can do the same come New Year.


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I think Miss State is a lot like UConn. They aren't a flashy team they don't get a lot of national recognition, not a good offense, defense gets the job done. Now that we can get some guys healthy, hopefully we can handle them like we did to the Huskies earlier in the season. Go Blue!!!


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Mississippi State has very little history with our conference.  In the last 60 years, they have played a Big Ten team just once: They beat Illinois 28-21 in 1980.  Before that, they had a few matches with Indiana and Michigan State in the 1930's and 40's. 

They have never played Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue, Penn State and Wisconsin. 


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They stole our "M" logo, thus causing a lot of frustration for every Michigan fan in the south when people ask if they went to "MSU" (NNTMSU) and they have to explain that it's the Michigan Block M! It's the Battle of the "M" Logos!

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we are right back exactly where Lloyd Carr left things.  7-5, in the Gator Bowl.  Except that in 2007, Lloyd Carr's powerful senior class was departing, leaving much doubt about where things might be going.

Now we're 7-5, back in the Gator Bowl, with huge promise, especially on offense, for much more improvement in the years to come.  Next year's team will be older, stronger, more experienced, and in all likelihood much more settled.  We're losing very few players to graduation.  We might be bringing in a 2011 freshman class that is better than the 2007 or 2008 freshman classes.

This is improvement; this is progress.  This is movement in a positive direction.


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friends don't let friends mgopost at work.  Tend to get amazing ideas in your head that you just can't articulate into a pos-bang filled post because you are preoccupied with less exciting things.


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Plus, Carr left us with three offensive cornerstones (Mallett, Boren, Arrington) who bolted because they didn't want to play in RR's offense. These three, like them or not, were all-league talents. The baby went out with the bathwater.





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If you would have asked rational UM fans before the season, even before Woolfolk's injury, if a New Years Day bowl would be enough to save RR's job, im guessing 95% would have said yes. And that is without even taking into account the rash of other injuries that occured.

This is a fantastic accomplishment by Rodriguez and the team.


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Lawrence Taylor cheap-shotted Wangler, blowing out his knee, and I've despised Taylor ever since. I've wanted nothing but bad things to happen to that jackass.