Gary Danielson on ND/Mich

Submitted by SWFlaBlue on December 7th, 2009 at 6:28 PM

On the local radio show today (southwest Florida), Gary Danielson said that Michigan needs to drop Notre Dame off their schedule ASAP because of the disadvantage it creates for them - too regional, no opportunity to schedule good teams outside of them given the current BCS make-up, etc.

Now I'm normally one to dismiss anything he says as quick as it's uttered, but I think he's right in this instance. His example of how Ohio State can work their way around the country scheduling Texas, USC, et al for home and homes is the best way to do it given the current situation.

The days of scheduling a UCLA or Oregon in addition to the Domers just won't happen anymore. So I say let's drop them and whoever their new coach will be.



December 8th, 2009 at 8:55 AM ^

Michigan is only 6-5 vs the Irish over the last 11 head to heads. This talk of playing ND is beneath us and hurting us would hold a lot of merit if the rivalry was one-sided.

This is a legit rivalry game and I would hate to see it go. Although, I will admit the rotating off has worked in the past, Michigan has not necessarily filled those spots with marquee games in the past.

I like next year with ND on the road and a home game against a consistent bowl team from a BCS league. Maybe a little upgrade in the future, and we'll be fine with the schedule.

Frankly, the rivalry is a blast. And, if the programs were living up to their own historic billings, we wouldnt even be having this conversation.

Blue Durham

December 8th, 2009 at 11:41 AM ^

to look forward at the start of the season. The players are always up for the game and the rivalry is unique due to its history. This is one game I would hate to see go off of the schedule.

There are a number of other teams that have a rival they play every year that are out of conference. Georgia - Georgia Tech; Florida - Florida State; Clemson - South Carolina. Use to be Va. Tech - UVa before Tech joined the ACC. I have never heard any of these teams wanting to drop their OOC rival game.

Granted all of these are in-state rivals, but Notre Dame's proximity to the state and UM is in line with the above-mentioned games.

I also do not see Notre Dame struggling for very long. The Michigan - Notre Dame will be a marque game again very soon.