swan flu

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I kinda like it but whoa guyz tradition is only so good I mean I can has blue and maize but why am I better than rival fans? I don't know man Alabama Norte dame night games whoah Michigan state we'we uniforms but hey kidz like me so if it helps gets us back in the title race cool beans.


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26-22 isn't a great record but I would imagine they are excited because he is coming off an 11-2 season.

I'm sure it will take a few years to see if he is average like his career record suggests he is or can win 10+ games consistently


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you have to consider their coaching search

literally this afternoon the rumor mill was indicating that they were going to hire one of two mediocre MAC coaches or the DC of the 31st ranked defense in the NFL. Instead, they hired a guy who somehow won 11 games at a school with a historical .329 winning percentage, almost beat them at home this season and coordinated a defense that beat Saban's Alabama in a BCS bowl. 

And as a Michigan fan who loved the Hoke hire, I can't really sympathize 

San Diego Mick

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Sorry if I'm wrong, not trying to be a dick.

Anyway, I giggled when reading some of you saw that Wiscy fans were ecstatic, but the reason I giggled was that I thought they were probably happy to get any damn coach at this point.

They were probably feeling like we were during our search in 2007. I personally wish him luck because I hope he keeps them as a contender in case stupid Delaney and his divisions tinkering or untinkering, keeps us and Ohio separate.

We need somebody to deal with them in the next few years till PSU recovers, however effing long that will take.

On a side note, If O'Brien can somehow pull miracles and keeps them looking like contenders, to no avail for 3 more years, it would be pretty damn impressive and he would get a lot of wooers from college and pro besides being able to beat Ohio or give them a tough game(s).

Should be a very interesting next few years, especially with us getting back to contender status, as it should be fergodsakes!


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Maybe it is the Dewar's talking but after seeing one of their players try to tear one of our guys' knee ligament and have nothing happen to him, and that was not an isolated incident, but to have that in your program and nothing be done about it, and besides the "meathead" coach is still a representation of the program and the values they promote. That's all I got.


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I guess the B1G money hasnt kicked in yet.  Sorry but Wisconsin filling their vacancy by getting the coach of Utah State is another example of our conference going on the cheap when it comes to HCs.  And until we spend some of the B1G network cash on big time coaches we can expect to stay second fiddle or worse to the SEC.


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2 Arkansas State coaches 

the offensive coordinator of Maryland

the defensive coordinator of Texas

the defensive coordinator of Florida State

the offensive coordinator of Florida

the offensive coordinator of Florida State

Houston's coach 


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Arkansas hiring a coach who has just won 3 straight Big Ten titles.  Tennessee hiring a coach who had a fairly successful run at Cincy.  Florida hiring one of the 'hot' coordinators who was next in line to be the head coach at Texas.  Mississippi St hiring one of the 'hot' coordinators away from Urban Meyer at Florida.  South Carolina hiring a coach who had already won a NC in college.  Alabama hiring a coach who had already had a successful run in the Big Ten at MSU and in the SEC at LSU.  Georgia hiring one of the 'hot' coordinators away from Florida St.  LSU hiring a guy who had been successful in the Big Ten and then a guy who had been successful in the Big 12.

The SEC mainly hires coaches who have either been successful head coaches at BCS schools or coordinators from some of the top programs in the country.  The Big Ten seems like they mainly hiring coaches from mid-major programs.


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I guess its a do you prefer people with previous head coaching experience or not argument, clearly the sec has had it working for them. However Anderson was the dc at utah when they beat bama in the sugar bowl in 08, his team has won 15 of 18 and the 3 losses have come by a combined 6 points, he is only 48, and he just turned down the colorado and cal coaching jobs a few weeks ago.  This counts as a good hire.