Gardner welcome on the SC team after meeting him at Outback bowl

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If that does not tell you something about his character and personality, I don't know what else would. I am not sure I have ever seen a quote like that about an opposing player whom you just met for the first time. It is at the bottom of an article on Denard.



While on the South Carolina bus returning to the team hotel, Sanders said he and his teammates discussed that Gardner would be a welcome addition to the Gamecocks.

"He could fit it on our team, because that's how our whole team is — we like to joke and play around, and I could tell that's how the Michigan team is, too," Sanders said. "He is a true comedian. Having somebody on the team like that makes the workload seem a little lighter when you can laugh and joke like that. I would enjoy having him on our team."

From The Detroit News:






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I really was just trying to be helpful.  But if my completely sincerely intended feedback isn't appreciated, I'll just sit back and let people wonder why their inputs are so undervalued. 


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First thought?  Gardner transferring to USC Trojans?  WTF

Then, is Gardner hanging out with the Gamecock players...SEC $ and strip clubs?


You must be an engineer.


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We really need to get something straight here.... only South Carolina fans and bloggers refer to them as SC...... ever so rarely other SEC fans/bloggers may refer to them as SC when conversing with South Carolina fans..... to 98% of the rest of the college football world SC is short for USC.... that's just how it is.  Can we just call them South Carolina or "Game Cocks" from now on?

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"Carolina" is an accurate term for USC (not THAT USC)...that had been written across the chest of their football jersey for ages (and may still have, for all I know).

RE: the school in Chapel Hill where Jordan played as a pup, if you're not referring to them as "North Carolina" or by the mascot name "Tar Heels", "UNC" is appropriate...I've lived in this region my whole life and I've never heard anyone around here refer to them as "Carolina".

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Just like only South Carolina fans think they're SC...people in South Carolina are the only ones who think "Carolina" refers to them.

Carolina to the rest of America is North Carolina, specifically UNC.

The Carolina/Duke game is Tar Heels vs. Blue Devils.

I've lived in Baltimore, DC, Silver Spring (MD), Blacksburg, Charlotte and Orlando and this has always held true up and down the east coast.

I suppose I could see someone saying "I go to school in South Carolina" and someone replying "which one? Clemson or Carolina?" But that's only because you've already established that you're talking about the state of South Carolina.

Just like in Michigan (where I've lived as well), they say "Eastern, Western, and Central" when referring to the couldn't go to Florida and say "I go to Eastern." They'd look at you crazy and probably think you're talking about a high school.

Oh, and UNC has "CAROLINA" on their basketball floor, so who cares if South Carolina puts it on their jerseys? Hell East Carolina has the whole STATE of North Carolina on their football field, how do they represent the entire state?

In the end. UNC is Carolina, SC is USC, S. Carolina is South Carolina.

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Apparently the reason they called the Panthers "Carolina" was to make it the team of both North and South Carolina.  More to the point, South Carolina refers to itself as "Carolina," and is known as such to its fans.  (See Jadeveon below for evidence.)  Having been transplanted to South Carolina six years ago, I have become partial to the state and much prefer it to its northern cousin.  We live near Clemson, not Columbia, so I have gotten a lot of love going into the Outback Bowl.  The Clemson fans universally are cheering for Michigan.  (In fact, I find that the Wolverines are warmly regarded by most fans down here, excepting the disturbingly large number of dislocated Ohians.)


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The Panthers are called "Carolina" because they wanted to give both states a football team and didn't want it to be specific to one state over the other. It has nothing to do with either state referring to itself as "Carolina."

Furthermore, they were going to build the football stadium literally ON the state line so that half was in N. Carolina and the other half was in S. Carolina. However, it was decided that it needed to be in a major city and around other downtown/arena district like attractions. Plus, Charlotte basically has suburbs (Fort Mill/Rock Hill/etc.) that are in S. Carolina.


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1) this is really lame. Having another player talk about how funny you are is not some ringing endorsement that should be interpreted to make Gardner out to me the next coming of Abe Lincoln. Gardner may be a great guy, but this leap you're making from humor to character is really douchey / overblown.

2) If we want to sit here and say that the SEC is a bunch of liars, cheats, and criminals, all the while Michigan is a bunch of 4.0 eagle scouts that play football on the side, we shouldn't be highlighting that The Most SEC Team ever thinks hed be a great fit.