Gardner to the Patriots

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on May 2nd, 2015 at 7:36 PM

Per the twitters, Thomas Rawls has signed with the Sehawks. Previously reported as the Cowboys but now others are saying the Sehawks which would make more sense because Pete Carroll Drafts.

Also, Brennen Beyer has signed with John Harbaugh's Ravens as an UDFA. HARBAUGH

DG to the Patriots!!

These guys are teammates now



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Seeing Furman drafted and Rawls signing as an UDFA, does any other team have as many players who transfer out due to lack of playing time/production and end up in the NFL as Michigan?


Edit:  And congrats to Gardner on signing with the Patriots, hope they can be patient with him like they were with Edelman and he can become a productive WR.


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Anything that happened under David Brandon's reign is not "Michigan" anything.  He helped in the RR sabotage to fire him and then he made Hoke and staff his sock puppets.  Just cancel the entire time he was there before making any sweeping judgments about Michigan football.


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I'm sorry, but this is just fucking ignorant, and nothing less than a slap in the face to those that busted their asses for their entire time at Michigan, whether it worked out for them here or otherwise. 


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I don't think anyone is denying him his opinion. Just pointing out the ridiculous hyperbole. Also if you looked through his posts I'm guess 60-80% contain the words Dave Brandon. Constantly carrying on about him is tired at this point. New AD new coach new era time to move forward. No one will forget what happened under Brandon we are all Michigan obsessives.


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I'm conflicted, while I'm happy to shovel manure on Brandon's grave, you are correct. But I still hope Brandon loses all his money and develops a heroin addiction for what he did to the athletic department. I have several friends he treated like crap, lied to and used going back as far as his first few months as ad.


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Just tear down the banners at Crisler, wipe 3/4 of Denard's stats, take away the Sugar Bowl rings, the WCWS appearance, who knows how many varsity letterman played exclusively during Brandon's tenure should give back their jackets and rings?

I'm pretty sure I'd rather not cancel all that, but that's just me.


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My post made a lot more sense before the OP was edited to something totally different than the original thread.  That makes my comment look like a non-sequitur.  Oh, well.


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I don't follow the NFL very much, apologies if it's obvious, but Gardner had said a few teams talked to him about playing QB. Is he going to be working out as a receiver all the time with the Patroits, or is there a chance they'll try to develop him as a QB, even part time?

VVolverine Devotee

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I've been a silent member for about 4 months now, contempt to lurk in the background and quietly read the posts each day. This GIF has finally broken my MGoBlog vow of silence. Simply put, this is the best 5 seconds of video I have ever seen on the Internet.

I tip my hat to you, Jeremy Gallon.


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Congrats to Gardner.  If there is a team that will know how to utilize a smart QB/WR tweener, it's the Pats.  Still long odds he sticks, but it feels like a better chance than, say, the Browns.


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There's a lot we could say about Gardner's time at Michigan as a blog perhaps, but I think that - here again - we have something to celebrate in that Devin is getting a shot in the NFL and with the team that employs one Tom Brady, no less. It will be interesting to see if - even in one game - Brady-to-Gardner becomes a thing. I have a feeling it might be an interesting display, and in an excellent way. 


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Devin Gardner is my favorite athlete of all time (barely over Denard). Throughout his career, he has shown class, courage, and determination and has now been rewarded for it.  Congratulations Devin.  Go Blue and Go Pats!


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They were able to draft 11 players only two of which were on offense, a center and a guard.  So it is good to note that Gardner wasn't a second choice WR for NE.

Perkis-Size Me

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That's great to hear. The Pats will find ways to put him in a position to be successful wherever he lines up on the field. Whether or not he makes the team is another matter, but I'll be rooting hard for him.

Few deserve success more than he does. No doubt in my mind he'll come to camp every day ready to work and earn himself a contract.