Gardner Guarentees a W

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Over Ohio.

"We always have room for improvement, but this is definitely a championship-caliber football team that will win in the Big House against Ohio State," Gardner said. "We don't feel we're inferior to anyone in the country, and we're going to give it our all."


Everyones all "But don't give them bulletin board blah blah blah".

Screw that. I want my QB teling the world we will beat a hated rival. I want to be able to look up December 1 and say "He told you.."




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Doesn't matter how old you are because even in you weren't born by 1968, you know Ohio hugh a half a hundred on us that season and did so by going for two that led to Woody's famous quote when questioned about why he went for two. His response, of course, "Because I couldn't go for three."    ^ The entire season, and I mean beginning in the summer he had the scout team members all wear 50 as their uniform numbers.  He didn't start it the week before The Game.  In a way, this is bigger. The quote is already on their bulletin board and they'll be looking at it until that last Saturday in November.  This is something, far bigger than Hart's quote in regard to MSU and equally as inflammatory as Harbaugh's a week before re: ohio.


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To come to Ann Arbor undefeated as the No.1 or No.2 team in the country. We may only be ranked 15 or so with 2 losses (though I'm hoping we will be undefeated). I know OSU will be a big fraud coming in undefeated and I can't wait for Michigan to expose them in front of a national television audience!


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Gardner's reaction seems perfectly acceptable to me.  What should he say?  It's not like he predicted a 4 TD win over Ohio at Ohio.  Saying you are going to beat your rival at home is what all athletes say, it's what all athletes are expected to say.

Harbaugh said UM would win at Ohio.  To me, that is much riskier, and more likely to generate Ohio bulletin-board material.


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Yeah. also, maybe this sounds like nit-picking but Gardner did not 'guarantee' a win.  He predicted one.  

Not sure what it even means when an athelete guarantees a win, because it expresses a certainty that one can not possibly have.  It's not really something you can promise.  I like Gardner's phrasing "this is a team that will win...against Ohio State" much better than Harbaugh's "I guarantee you we'll beat Ohio State" -- it expresses confidence without overconfidence.   


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Yeah zero problem with what he said here. He didn't go out of his way to demean OSU, but merely is broadcasting confidnece in his own squad. Definitely what I want to hear from a team leader. Now the team just has to back it up on the field. 


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I remember Bo being asked after the game what he thought of his QB "guarenteeing" a win over Ohio State and the response I recall was something to the effect of him liking it a hell of a lot better than if he "guaranteed" a loss!


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But I really liked Jim's guarantee! He delivered with a win in the horseshoe! Too bad we blew it against Gophers at home that year!



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This is the first time a player guaranteeing a victory over an opponent has happened so many months before the actual game, to my knowledge. Jim Harbaugh guaranteeing a win over OSU and Mike Hart guaranteeing a win over Notre Dame happened the week before.

Whatever. As long as it ends with the same result, that's all that matters.


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Reading these buckeye blogs it's amazing how confident they are that they will beat us.  I mean they beat us by 5 points in the shoe and now they have to go to the Big House.


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Michigan could have won that game if Borges did not go all conservative. The talent gap has been decreasing and is very narrow now!  Hoke must win these home games against OSU! And I'm glad Gardner has put the pressure on Hoke. I'm sure Hoke has this as the most important game in his coaching career! If he loses a close game at home, I will give him some slack. If he loses in 2014 and 2015...then Hoke will have to answer the critics.


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I agree the talent gap is much smaller now and this year's game should definitely be closer, especially since it's a home game for you guys. I just don't see how some people pretend that UM should have won. Yeah the score was deceptively close, but even with Borges' conservative calls--many which were called into question due to hindsight--OSU still left a lot of points on the table on offense and gave up some fluke plays on defense.

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Well, the last Michigan QB who guaranteed a win over OSU followed through. Who's to say we won't go 2-2?

Besides the mongrel horde living in Columbus, that is.

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I am just hoping that Devin Gardner is healthy for 12 (or 13, or 14) games next year.  And that we don't venture too far into the QB depth chart.


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There is a subtle difference between "guaranteeing" a win and "predicting" a win.  Gardner did the latter.  Of course, that doesn't mean that the Buckeyes won't blow this way out of proportion to try and rally the troops.