Gardner Friends With A Buckeye

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I don't create a lot of content, but with all the OSU hate I thought it would nice to share something positive before the season gets started and we get back to the hatred. Eddie George has always been one of the few Buckeye's I can say that I was honestly a fan of (at least once he left OSU), not just for how he played the game, but for how he was as a person and this just confirms it.  George and Gardner have become close friends and George apparently has had a number of conversations with Gardner about not just football, but about life.  Cool story.  You can find the video on the front page of



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He's bitter. He went 1-2-1 against Michigan and had potential-national title seasons ruined including his senior season. They were humiliated in 1993, 28-0.

If that one loss in 1994 kept Cooper around for Michigan to go 5-1 against ohio after that then I don't feel so bad about it. That season was a wreck anyways. 

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...but I probably would have a different opinion of him if we didnt beat his top ranked Ohio teams when I was a student. But he always seemed like a class a t especially for a buckeye.

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We might appreciate Woody-era Buckeyes more than the guys we see today simply for the notion that Woody seemed more interested in developing his players post-football careers more than the coaches who who followed him. I know..he wanted to win so badly that he ended his career by tackling an opposing player. In the meantime, by most accounts, he was maniacal about sending his players to graduate schools.


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And ND friend and I have real life animosity towards each other because of the UM-ND rivalry, but when it comes down to it we're more alike than any non-football obsessed people.  He just roots for the wrong school.  If MSU is Little Brother, then OSU is a _ _ hole cousin who you want to see do well, but not that well.  I root for other big teams over OSU, but generally want OSU to go undefeated other than when they play Michigan.   EG seems like a good guy.  Robert Smith seemed like a good guy too.  I liked it when he quit for a year because OSU didn't care about academics and he wanted to be a doctor.  


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Derrick Green was a Tressell lover, wears #27 after Eddie George his favorite player. If they needed a back he would've considered the Buckeyes but Urbans system isn't ideal for him.


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Having Michigan urinal cakes in a restaurant they owned is exactly the sort of thing I would hope a former player for a rival would do.  Simple, low-key, non-obscene, and yet telling.

It's a lot like Hoke's "Ohio:"  It scores a direct hit without being pathetically loud and flashy.


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I watched the other  the clips involving the players at the B1G media day.  They looked like they were having a pretty good time.  Makes me wish I took time off work and see Chicago again.


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You can always see after games which players on opposing sides find each other either to just say good game or to say hey because they're friends. One of my favorite parts of watching college football--after we win, that is.

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Eddie George's college decision came down to M and OSU. He likes both schools. Chose OSU. He also encouraged Derrick Green to go to Michigan. If he really hated Michigan why would he do that?


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I'm mostly worried for Eddie George in this case. If word of this gets out to the OSU fanbase he'll probably get a few death threats for befriending a "scUM player" and being a "fake Buckeye"  

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Eddie is definitely a solid guy.  It's sad he went to OSU though.  Living here in Nashville, I've bumped in to him multiple times.  Each time I always quietly say "Go Blue."  He's done nothing but smile in response.   I've also had classes with his wife.  She is an amazing person too.   If Gardner had to choose to get advice from one OSU alum, I'm happy it's Eddie.  

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I was in the Dayton Mall a couple months ago shopping for various consumer goods when Eddie George walked past me. I was wearing a bright maize Michigan shirt. He stared me down as we crossed paths. I did my due diligence and informed him promptly to "Go Blue." He smirked to acknowledge my statement and carried on about his endeavors.


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Any influence that helps our team better prepared for life after college, and help put their time here in perspective should be encouraged.  

Unless it comes from Tressel, because dude's a d bag.