Games to give you hope

Submitted by Blazefire on July 2nd, 2010 at 8:25 AM

What are some Michigan games from the past, not necessarily just last season, that give you hope for this season? Games that make you go all Obama with a big, confident, "Yes We Can!"

For me, there is one in particular. After faltering out of the gate so badly in 2007, my family and I went to Metzger's one Saturday for my mother's birthday. And sitting there, drinking a massive stein of Warsteiner just a few miles from an empty Michigan Stadium while the team was in South Bend (Edit: Bad memory, sorry. Game in AA), I, and almost everyone in the building, gradually pressed our way into the small bar area to watch a team that some were dumbfounded as to how they could be so bad, and questioning whether anything would ever go right, pulled its legs up under itself and laid a 38 point, shut out drubbing on a packed house of Irish fools.

Then I knew everything would be alright.

(Also: ND's Yakety Sax performance didn't hurt anything.)



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That was the loudest I've ever heard the Big House, and it was way less than 100,000 people cause everyone else had left.

But...Bo said it best: Those who stay will be champions.  Oh wait...haha.

At least we had Wisconsin!


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What the heck was I thinking? Eh, well. Same thing happened. Just at the other stadium.

Oh, I know what it was. Normally we don't go to Metzgers without reservations, and they don't take them on Michigan home game weekends. But we went anyway. THAT'S why I was thinking it was away. Stupid me.


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yeah '08 was at ND, and I remember that game very well, as i was at the stadium.  It sucked, but even with our version of yakety sax, McGuffie was able to keep us in it....sort of.

Iowa last year gives me a lot of hope, especially when you consider that we kept close on the road against a team that beat the ACC champion Yellow Jackets convincingly.

Also MSU last year.  On the road, you know the story, we played BAD football and still tied at the end.  We had a chance to win it... that does NOT reflect well on MSU, no matter what they think.

Let's Go Blue!


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Even in a loss, last year vs. MSU.  We played probably the worst game of the season (arguable with Illinois) and yet still managed to nearly win that game.


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Very easy, Michigan vs. PSU 2005 (the catch)

Michigan was 3-3 going into this game with losses to ND, Wisconsin and Minnesota. A loss to PSU would mean we were 1-3 in the big ten. Even more important we would have finished the year 6-6. With that catch it game me, and probably the entire worlverine nation, hope for the rest of the year. We won the next three straight before faultering to OSU. If we had lost who knows what would have been.


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I was at that game and I, like everyone else in that staidum, went batshit insane when that catch was made.  There's nothing like seeing a bunch of Penn State fans go from being the most pompous rowdy jackasses to sad and depressed in the matter of a second.  We handed them their only loss and did it in excellent fasion. 


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It was an early game, but had an equally awesome ending.  Dreisbach to Mercury Hayes?

Help a brutha memory right?  Either way, I was at that game it was awesome and remindeds me of that Penn St. game.



Flip side and opposite was the Colorado game where the same thing was done to us, but in a more excruciating could hear a pin drop in the stadium, it was eerie.

Ty Butterfield

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I was at that game as well. That was the first year I had season tickets. I was thinking it was going to be a long season. Driesbach played amazing during the fourth quarter and it was a great catch by Hayes. IIRC, that was Driesbach's only great game as a Michigan QB. I believe he had a melt down against PSU and was never the same.


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It was one of my favorite games to be at the Big House for.  After 08, that game was such a relief.  The team looked like they believed they were going to win.  That swagger had been missing for a while.  It kind of faded again at the end of the year, but it shows flashes of what the RichRod version of this program could be.

The stadium was loud, the team seemed to be on the same page, and because of the atmosphere I am able to overlook a couple of gifts from good ol' Charlie. 

OSUMC Wolverine

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If Illinois or Indiana had what we have coming back this year, they would be thrilled beyond measure and talking about being in the Big Ten title hunt.  The same statement goes with many other programs.  We have just had a good run where anything less than challenging for a Big Ten title is considered failure.  This offense has the potential to be one of the most productive to hit the field for us in years, and the defense could be markedly improved with a year under the system.  The converse could also apply for some of our competition.  ND could have a year like year one with RR where pre-season there was talk whether or not to they should be ranked.  Wisconsin and TUOOS could have a year well below expectations.  Particularly TUOOS, the clock will strike midnight at some point...damn glass slippers.  When we open 2-0 and a little confidence takes hold with this team, it could turn out to be a very high ceiling this year.  RR has done far more with far less in the past.


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Your last point is what I think about all the time. RR never had the recruits that he has gotten here at UofM while at WV. At some point its gonna be what we all thought it would be and probably sooner than we think. One thing I think that will be a big reason is getting Drob at QB some more. This is our (potential) Pat White. He fits the mold and supposedly has more potential throwing than PW ever did. Defense underachieved last year. This year if they can be moderatley good we can contend in the Big Ten. MNC? No. But a good season and a good bowl? We can do it.


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Western Michigan last year. Going into that game a lot of people were a little nervous due to the situation they had coming back on offense and a blown game would be an absolutely disastrous season. Michigan looked like the Michigan of old with solid defense and the offense actually playing above their opponent. When this team clicks its a thing of beauty, and as we get more and more senior guys those mistakes will start to happen a little less frequently and the big swings in our favor will start to happen just a little more often.

Todd Plate's n…

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Agreed...and dare I add the Eastern and Delware Seal U. games.  My thoughts: after the dismal '08 campaign that included the toledo garbage, we saw in those three games last year that the talent was beginning to be restored as we handed it to 3 teams that michigan should absolutely hand it to every single time out.  depth and experience could not be overcome during the big ten schedule, but with time, those things will be restored. the 3 games mentioned signaled that the talent level is getting to where it needs to be.


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I was thinking the EMU game too.  Granted, they were Baby Seal U, but when Brown broke that huge run I had this feeling of, "Oh, so THAT'S where our offense has been."  Unfortunately, we can't read too much into those games (WMU, EMU, DSU) because of the talent of the opposition.  I'm glad we can beat up on weak teams again, but we need to dominate the Big Ten, not the MAC. 


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those games were important, because it reminded the players how good they can be.  It's a short road for W. Campbell to say I'm as good as the guy accross from me, to I'm better, to I'm going to destroy the universe and they can't stop me.  But it's a road

If they would have punched that GD ball into the end zone (or if RR was never caught) against Illinois, they could have continued on that road last year.  They're not ready to dominate the entire Big Ten.  But they should and can the MAC and lower tier B10 schools.  And they're better than teams like Michigan State - they still have to work hard and war on every down, but they're better

His Dudeness

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Honestly, the very first UM game RR coached gave me hope.

vs. Utah Sat. Aug 30, 2008.

We damn near won that game. They finished that year at #2.

We will be back on top, without question.


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It gave me hope too, but honestly that hope was retroactive. That was the first game of my sophomore year and TBH I was a bit sick of losing both openers I had witnessed in person (last year's Western changed the pattern thankfully). I didn't realize at the time how good Utah was that season so I was pretty pissed off. In hindsight though we played very well against them considering how our two seasons diverged afterwards.


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I frequently refer people back to an unranked Michigan team beating #5 OSU 28-0 in '93. #18 Michigan beating #2 OSU in '95. Then in '96, #21 Michigan doing it again to #2 OSU when Shawn Springs slipped.

If you're looking for more recent and applicable optimism watch Wolverine Historian's multi part recap of Michigan/ND 2009. So much awesomeness. So much optimism. Just pretend like much of what followed didn't happen.


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near the end, in the final minute after Tebow's off-balance desperation heave is broken up.  A group of about 10 players if not more formed a ring around Lloyd and started jumping up and down in hip-hoppy fashion.  A highly modern homage, but an homage nonetheless.  Lloyd just stood there, trying vainly to suppress a huge grin, but you could see what was on his face.  He felt validated.  It was an awesome moment.

Other than that, have to agree with previous posters.  I'd go with this list for a rainy day:

1.  Wisconsin 2008.  Just start watching a few mintues before Koger's TD in the 3rd.  I'm pretty sure I have most of the call memorized after that.  "This game is changing, boys... it's changing."  "Minor... is major.  Touchdown, Michigan!"  "Minor with carry.. no, it's Threet!  Threet!"  The most unlikely 57 yards in UM history.

2.  Notre Dame 2009.  The whole thing.  But mostly the "studbolt" part.

3.  OSU '95.  "Bi-ak-a-bu-tuuuuuuuuuuuka"

4.  OSU '96.  Mostly for the Streets TD, and that last time-killing drive with Chris Howard running the same play over and over and over (highly video gamey in that sense)

5.  Virginina '95 (my first ever game at the Big House, was sitting in the corner where Hayes made the catch.  Made the worst sunburn of my life worthwhile)

6.   MSU '04.  Just to watch the Braylon show in 4th Q. and OT.

7.  U Washington '02.  The most unexpected FG I've ever seen as a UM fan.  Esp. nice to watch now knowing what Brabbs would go through all these years later.

8.  UCLA '89.  Surprised no one mentioned this one.  Amazing comeback complete with onside kick and Vada Murray doing everything a DB can do to win a game, including blocking a kick.

9.  PSU '97.  Judgment Day. The Hit.  Most vicious thing I've ever seen in a UM game.

10.  Notre Dame '91.  "Grbac to fire for it!  They went for it all... a diving catch in the endzone!  Holy Cow, would you believe this???"- Musberger on 4th and 1, Grbac to Desmond

Twisted Martini

July 2nd, 2010 at 11:55 AM ^

Or the Washington opener when Brabbs hit the game winner after missing kicks all day?  The look on Neuheisel's face was as if he had just sniffed a turd!

1999-Tom Terrific brings us back against the Domers, tackling them just short of a first down as time expired.

Tom Terrific leads us back against Penn State on the road.

But capper had to be the Orange Bowl-he led us back TWICE from 14 down.  That game had everything- Alabama punt return, huge plays by both sides, we cough it up at the one going in for a TD.  One of the best games I have ever seen.


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So I was scheduled to go down to Bloomington to watch the 07 ND games with my son who was in school there.....8 days prior, I get admitted to the hospital with a hacking cough......go into full blown rip Van Winkle coma on Tuesday........awake Sunday morning after the game, and am watching highlights, and they are showing the ND Michigan game.........I am thinking, "that isn't until next Saturday!   I'm supposed to watch this with my son!"Good thing was, it was an all time highlight reel, so despite the confusion, I figured this turned out pretty good...........


July 2nd, 2010 at 12:34 PM ^

not that I'm superstitious, or anything; but, do you know if your condition can be induced? On demand? If so, where will you be this Nov. 19?


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For me it was the Western Michigan game last year when Denard entered the game for his first colligiate play, The commentator say something along the lines during the run like "broken plays are very dangerous with a kid like this LOOK AT THAT SPEED CYA!!!!  IMO the future of Michigan Footbal will be bright when you have a player that can do those type's of things


July 2nd, 2010 at 6:57 PM ^

2009 UM vs Iowa, I know we lost but we played a damn good game (except for our last pass) and Iowa was a great team in 09' it gives me hope for 2010.